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Boy lauded as real-life hero after he returns $2000 to farmer whose wallet he found while fishing

While the farmer couldn't manage to give any money to the family who found his wallet, he did give the 14-year-old boy a brand-new cooler.

Boy lauded as real-life hero after he returns $2000 to farmer whose wallet he found while fishing
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Photo by WPLG Local 10

What would you do if you stumble upon a treasure by chance one day? Probably wonder about the origin of the treasure and contemplate whether you should just keep it or return it to the rightful owner. Right? Something just like this happened to 14-year-old Connor Halsa when he caught an odd item while fishing at the Lake of the Woods, reported ABC affiliate WPLG Local 10.  


Connor was just days away from becoming a freshman at Moorhead High School when he decided to go out to the Lake with his family. On a fishing trip to the Lake of the Woods with his loved ones, he caught something unusual - a wallet full of cash. He told ABC affiliate WDAY-TV, "We were doing a walleye drift, so we stopped the boat, put some spinners on, and let the waves take us." He told the outlet that he thought he had a huge fish, so he set the hook hard. But it was no walleye. It was a wallet full of cash. He further told the channel, "My cousin opened the wallet up, and he said some words you probably shouldn't say, and he showed everyone, and we took the money out and let it dry." There was $2000 inside the wallet with a business card. The card had a telephone number on it. Connor's father suggested that he should return the wallet to its owner, and Connor agreed. He told the channel, "We didn't work hard for the money, he did, so it was his money."

After some effort, the family was able to locate the farmer. The farmer was Jim Denney of Iowa, who said that he had lost the wallet while fishing at the same lake a year ago. He told the news channel, "The water was rough, and I was sitting on the back of the boat and it was rocking back and forth, and it worked itself out and slipped off into the water." It was only when he had to pay the bill at the resort, did he realized that he had lost the money. Someone had to float him the money for the whole deal, and Denney described it as the worst feeling ever.


When the farmer visited Moorhead a few days later to meet with the Halsa family, he insisted on giving them some money. However, they firmly denied the offer. Denney did manage to take the family out to dinner nevertheless, as per the news outlet. While Denney couldn't manage to give any money to the family, he did give Connor a brand-new cooler. While talking to ABC affiliate WLS-TV, he said, "I would take Connor as a grandson any day."

The odds of Connor finding Denney's billfold are out of this world. It was just a vast area. And yet somehow, Connor hooked Denney's billfold which was not more than the size of a deck of cards. If this isn't fate, we don't know what is. All in all, the entire transaction had a good ending. In Denney's words, "I have the billfold in my hands, and it is still hard to believe." It indeed is moments like these that allow us to reflect and re-evaluate how we are in life to people around us.

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