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Barack Obama is spending his holiday break hugging babies, and it's adorable

The former President is spending is annual break in Hawaii playing golf and hugging babies and it's the purest thing ever!

Barack Obama is spending his holiday break hugging babies, and it's adorable
Cover Image Source: Getty Images

President Barack Obama is currently taking a well-deserved annual break in Oahu, Hawaii, where he's indulging in some very Obama-esque activities: playing golf, hugging adorable babies, and essentially making some parents very happy. Over the weekend, the former President got to meet a cute-as-a-button 2-month-old named Levi at Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai. Speaking to HuffPost, little Levi's mom, Krystle Ilar, spilled the details of the memorable experience via email and we were once again reminded why Obama is one of our all-time favorite Commander in Chiefs.


Ilar, who was born and raised in Oahu, revealed that she was at the country club with some of her friends when they heard that the 58-year-old was on the 18th hole. Wanting to meet the former President and introduce her baby son to the icon, they trekked to his location. The group patiently waited for Obama to finish his round of golf, for which they were rewarded with one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. The father-of-two walked over to greet onlookers and sign autographs,  and seeing Levi asked if he could hold the little guy and say hi.


"As I watched him hold my son, my heart overflowed. He was so genuine and so gentle with my son, Levi," the ecstatic mother revealed. "The best part of meeting him was to see how much aloha he had to share," she added. Luckily, Ilar also managed to capture the moment on video in which you can see Obama carefully taking the baby in his arms and gently rocking him while saying hi in the most adorable voice. Honestly, my ovaries are bursting all over the place right now and trust me, after watching the video, yours will be too.


Ilar said her family and friends are all "filled with excitement and joy" after watching the precious video and that they too are as excited as her. "It’s an amazing experience and one that we’ll all cherish for a lifetime! When Levi gets older, my husband and I will share with him about how he got to be held and loved on by the 44th president. It’ll be a lesson to him on how no matter who you are in this world, it’s always important to stay true to your heart, remain humble, and always show Aloha to everyone. And omg, a former president carried you! WOW!!!" she said.


The overjoyed mother also revealed that she wants to extend a "big mahalo" (thank you) to the former President "for being so genuine and showing so much aloha to not just my son and I, but to everyone else who was there." Gushing about the interaction, she added, "I’ve never seen a president before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but Mr. Obama exceeded any expectations and meeting him was truly an amazing experience."


Levi isn't the only lucky infant who has chilled in Obama's arms recently. Just last week, the President greeted another baby while golfing at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii. 3-month-old Riley got to cuddle with the icon and even bagged a kiss to the forehead from him during the meeting. Riley’s family captured the sweet moment on camera and the adorable video shows Obama walking up to them saying, "Who is this cutie pie?" Aww.




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