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Australian swimmer wins gold at Olympics, hilariously drops the f-bomb on live TV in celebration

Kaylee McKeown won the 100-meter backstroke in a record time of 57.47 seconds and achieved the status of a legend in more than one way.

Australian swimmer wins gold at Olympics, hilariously drops the f-bomb on live TV in celebration
Image Source: Getty Images/Tom Pennington / Staff

Winning a gold medal at the Olympics is not an easy feat. The joy and excitement that come with it are understandable, considering all the hard work and efforts that must have gone into making it to that stage. So when Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown won gold in the women’s 100-meter backstroke she was understandably over the moon. The 20-year-old also set a new Olympic record with her win by completing the distance in 57.47 seconds. After her win, she was interviewed by an Australian news network to share her thoughts she shocked everyone with her response.



Channel 7 asked McKeown what she would like to say to her mum and sister watching at home. And to that, without a second thought, McKeown said: "F***, yeah." It took a second for her to realize she had just dropped the F-bomb on live television and followed that up quickly with "Oh, s***" before covering her mouth. And just like that McKeown had sworn national television, twice. She then covered it up with a joyous "woo" while throwing up her fingers in the signature Australian shakas sign. The interviewer couldn't hold back on his laughter either and the interaction has the whole internet in splits as well. 



Twitter has taken this meme-able moment and cannot stop talking about how the swimmer is a legend in more than just one way. Here's what Twitter has to say about the hilarious moment that has now gone viral:

















McKeown's swearing was not even the first Australian swimmer moment that went viral this week. After Ariarne Titmus won a gold medal, her coach was ecstatic. He expressed his joy with his entire body and his reaction quickly went viral on social media. 





Australia is currently in fifth place after earning a total of 20 medals so far. Twelve medals out of this are from swimming alone. 

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