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Artist recreates famous paintings by typing them on vintage typewriters

James Cook's website and social media handles are filled with his terrific artwork. Here we take a look at 25 of his masterpieces.

Artist recreates famous paintings by typing them on vintage typewriters
Cover Image Source: Instagram | James Cook Artwork

Instead of brushes and pens, James Cook utilizes a typewriter to recreate some of the most famous paintings. The artist from the United Kingdom has created one-of-a-kind masterpieces by combining his passions— typewriters and paintings. The art pieces are constructed from several thousand letters and symbols from the keyboard. Cook also employs this ingenious strategy to transform some of art history's most well-known paintings into these extraordinary works of typewriter art. He uses a combination of characters to render the design, as he does in his other works, which range from detailed portraits to sweeping cityscapes, according to My Modern Met

James Cook's website (JamesCookArtwork) and his social media handles are filled with his terrific artwork that people love and admire. Cook has it all stacked up! He plans out a careful assortment of various letters and symbols that will be incorporated onto the sheet of paper to add the details of the faces and so on. There is also a play with shadows and contrasts to make the paintings more realistic. Let's look at some of his creations, and get ready to pick your favorite one!


1. Drawing of St. Pancras


2. Marcus Aurelius



3. Girl with a Pearl Earring


4. The Mona Lisa



5.  The Empire State Building



6. The Chrysler Building



7. Queen Elizabeth II


8. Portrait of a woman’s late father



9. Liverpool’s Three Graces



10. Themis: goddess of wisdom and counsel



11. Spains Hall Folly



12. 1971 Land Rover



13. Dwight Schrute


14. Father and son



15. A young Blake Shelton



16. Tom Hanks



17. Florence the dog



18. Ben Shephard



19. Tom Baker



20. Vincent van Gogh


21. Ernest Hemingway



22. Frida Kahlo


23. Family portrait


24. Clint Eastwood from ‘The Outlaw’



25. James Cook, himself


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