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Adorable dog interrupts soccer game and refuses to surrender the ball to players

The amusing dog ran down the pitch, then abruptly changed direction to follow the ball. The dog then rushes to the ball as the game comes to a halt.

Adorable dog interrupts soccer game and refuses to surrender the ball to players
Cover Image Source: Youtube | Australian Community Media

Dogs love running around, fetching sticks, punching holes through balls and most amusingly grabbing our attention. The soccer game had only just begun. Curicó Unido, the home team, faced Palestino, a visiting Chilean team, in the stadium in Curicó, Chile. However, the game was disrupted by an unexpected visitor. A large brown dog appeared on the pitch unexpectedly, according to a video posted on Twitter by TNT Sports Chile on May 14.

The amusing dog ran down the pitch, then abruptly changed direction to follow the ball. As the game comes to a halt, the dog rushes to the ball. The referee and several players approach the dog in an unsuccessful attempt to reclaim the ball.


Another video posted to Facebook by 9 News shows a player petting the dog while it holds the ball in its mouth and paws. The dog sat on top of the ball. According to Chilean news outlet Deportes 13, one of the Palestino players, Maximiliano Salas, picked up the dog and began carrying it off the pitch. Despite this, the dog refused to let go of the ball, clamping its mouth shut as the laughing players carried it off the pitch.

The dog eventually let go, and Salas handed the dog over to another stadium official. The Premier Division game resumed after the adorable interruption. As per ESPN, the game ended with a score of 1 for Palestino and 0 for Curicó Unido. Viewers on Facebook had some good laughs. "He's like, 'Well, it was fun while it lasted…can I keep the ball?'" joked @Rebecca Stock-Cremo. "They could have at least let him keep the ball!" suggested @Amy Bastian. "Best soccer game ever!" added @Prue Rudzinskas. The video was also uploaded on Reddit by u/esberat which was captioned, "A playful pup has stolen the show during a Premier Division football game."



This wasn't the first time a playful dog was successful in interrupting a soccer game in Chile and grabbing our attention. When a black puppy ran onto the pitch and demanded belly rubs from the players, a football match between Chile and Venezuela's national women's team was called off. The adorable pup won the hearts of the stadium's players and fans as they cheered it on.

The game took place at La Granja stadium in Curicó, Chile, and the black puppy made an appearance in the 36th minute. The dog charged straight at the Chilean goalkeeper, rolling onto its back and demanding belly rubs. As the puppy rolled around excitedly, the goalie gladly obliged.


According to HuffPost, the referee stopped the game and then tried to engage the puppy with belly rubs to get it off the pitch. As a Chilean player attempted to pick up the black puppy and usher it off the pitch, a steward joined her in the hope of getting the dog to run to the touchline, but it refused and dashed toward the center of the pitch. Another player near the halfway line opened her arms, inviting the puppy to run to her, but the dog was too wise and made a sideways dash as the fans applauded.

The puppy was having a good time as it stretched its legs and ran around the vast green pitch before exiting the field. The puppy then ran back onto the pitch and lay down, demanding belly rubs from another Chile player, who lifted it up and handed it to a steward, who carried the dog off the pitch to a loud cheer.


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