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A kitten saved a senior Army veteran after he fell in the shower: 'He’s my hero'

When Ron Williams adopted little Fluffy, he didn't know this kitten would save his life.

A kitten saved a senior Army veteran after he fell in the shower: 'He’s my hero'
Image Source: Willowpix / Getty Images

Whenever his phone rang, Army veteran Ron Williams of Sturgis, Michigan, would say, "ring-a-ding." His kitten, who he had newly-adopted, would always listen to him. However, he didn't think that little Fluffy actually understood what he was saying. That is until he suffered a major fall in the bathtub and needed his kitten's help. He yelled, "Ring-a-ding, Fluffy! You're my only hope." And the little kitten rushed to his rescue. Now, the senior and his kitten are completely inseparable. He said in an interview with WBKW Buffalo that he never plans to let Fluffy leave his side—and rightly so.

Ron, who turns 85 later this year in September, adopted a boy kitten when he felt a little lonely. After he named him Fluffy, he found a lifelong companion in his four-legged friend. They reportedly "hit it off right away," according to the veteran. He said, "I looked at him and hey, I just fell in love with him." Though he wouldn't use a baby voice like some of us do, Ron would talk to Fluffy all the time (just as we all do with our pets). He would even joke around with Fluffy when he got calls on his cellphone. He would say to him, "Ring-a-ding, Fluffy, ring-a-ding!" It was just a little game the duo used to play, or so Ron thought.

A few days ago, Ron fell down in the bathtub. It was a terrible accident; he slipped and fell while getting out of the shower and could not move at all. He uses a walker, which meant getting up was near impossible. The veteran spent a total of 16 hours like that on the floor. "My arm was pinned under me," he shared of the horrifying experience. "And the hours kept going by." The accident took place at 8 am and he laid there in agony until about midnight. The main door was closed and his Life Alert was in the other room. His phone, nonetheless, was in the bathroom with him. There was just one problem: it was on the counter, just out of reach.

That is when he thought to ask Fluffy for help. Tearing up during the interview, the senior explained, "I said ‘ring-a-ding Fluffy, you’re my only hope. And he was. It wasn’t even five minutes later I felt something hit my hand. And I’m here because of it." The little guy had brought Ron his phone, which allowed him to call 911 and get help. "I relive it a million times," he said of the fall. "What if he wouldn’t have been in there with me? I’d be dead today." Luckily, he was not hurt much. He experienced some soreness, bumps, and bruising, which, compared to the alternative, is not all that bad. The veteran believed he owes his life to Fluffy. He affirmed, "He’s my hero, and he always will be. He’ll never be away from me until the day I die."


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