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25 memes that spoke to our soul and left us laughing and nodding in agreement

We all have our favorite memes and here are 25 interesting memes that have the potential to become your new favorite.

25 memes that spoke to our soul and left us laughing and nodding in agreement
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @Women's Humor

Have you ever wondered how memes became so popular and if they started with the internet itself or if they have a prior history? Richard Dawkins introduced the term back in 1976 in his book, “The Selfish Gene.” Kirby Conrod, a professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College, said: “I would explain the concept of a meme—a self-replicating chunk of information—by asking someone about an inside joke they had with friends or an advertising jingle that’s been stuck in their head for 20 years.” A meme is an idea commonly shared by many people in a culture, according to The New York Times. 

Meme creator Saint Hoax has millions of followers on Instagram. He defines memes as "the ability to capture insight in a way that is in complete alignment with the zeitgeist." We all laugh at memes, they even make us think a little sometimes, but the best part about memes is their reliability.

Today, we bring to you relatable memes from the Twitter handle Women's Humor. Ariane Sherine is an expert on comedy and is the person behind Women's humor. Speaking to Bored Panda, she discussed her process: "I used to read the news to come up with ideas. There are of course fresh stories every day, so reading them is a good way of dreaming up new content. Failing that, I took inspiration from everyday life and the situations I found myself in." 

So, here are 25 memes curated by Women's Humor that will make you laugh because they are hilarious and relatable:

1. In the cart:


2. Facts:


3. The secret to my beauty:


4. What the cop?


5. When?


6. It's all mathematics:


7. Is the magic working?


8. I made my choice:


9. Sorry, not sorry:


10. I'm the problem, it's me:


11. Best daughter:


12. Just checking:


13. My anxieties:


14. Summers are here:


15. Pretends:


16. Take notes:


17. 2007 would be proud:


18. A sock:


19. Under recovery:


20. She chooses:


21. The track:


22. Beers:


23. Have I peaked?


24. Having fun as an adult:


25. Define adulthood:


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