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Here are 25 hilarious tweets from the perspective of cats and we can't get enough of it

These hilarious and mischievous cats with comedic personalities will make your day and bring a smile to your face.

Here are 25 hilarious tweets from the perspective of cats and we can't get enough of it
Image Source: Twitter/Elle Has Cats

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 30, 2023. It has since been updated.

We all have bad days and different ways to cope with them. Whether it is a warm cup of coffee, a favorite meal, a movie, or spending time with your loved ones, these ways often keep us afloat for more times than we can ever imagine. For Elle Maruska, it is cats and when they had a bad day they took to Twitter and asked everyone to share pictures of their pet cats. They also wanted them to write a story about the cat's naughty behavior from the animal's perspective making it a parody of the famous subreddit AITA. This creative and hilarious thread made everyone's day and Elle also posted several hilarious and adorable photos of the cats they rescue.

Elle mentioned in a tweet, "These cats aren't all my pets, they're cats who have been dumped/abandoned/orphaned/etc. I take them in, get them healthy, and find new homes for them. I work very hard to get them forever families. I will even fly to different countries with them if need be." They are a true cat lover and wanted to create a thread we can all return to if we need something to cheer us up. Here are 25 of the best cats and their mischievous personalities to make your day:

1. Chasing other cats



2. Just asking for Hams



3. Sleeping in a soup pot



4. Casually screaming



5. Loving dad more



6. Got stuck in a paper bag



7. Didn't get the deposit back



8. Eating mud in the rain



9. Customizing the blinds



10. Rearranging photos



11. Get off my lawn



12. Eating a patch on PJs



13. Had too much catnip



14. Wanting to eat birds



15. Never listen 



16. Loves to complain



17. Plotting for food



18. Made them late for work



19. Perfection



20. Clawing people and things



21. Love causing trouble



22. Hogging catnip



23. Don't like sharing



24. Headphone is too big



25. Wanting to smack the roommate


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