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25 examples of the funniest misconceptions men have had about women

It's clear from these facepalm-worthy responses that some men know very little about women.

25 examples of the funniest misconceptions men have had about women
Image source: Reddit

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on January 6, 2022. It has since been updated.

A query posted to the r/AskReddit community demonstrated how little some men know about women. "Women of Reddit, what's the funniest misconception a man had about women that he probably still believes to this day?" asked u/CataleyaJackson, and thousands of facepalm-worthy answers flowed in. Speaking to Bored Panda about what inspired her to post the question, the 21-year-old said: "One of my friends had a hilarious misconception about periods and my friends and I had laughed about it. They thought that periods just never end, that we'd be 99 on our deathbeds and still bleeding out. It inspired me to want to ask people about other misconceptions they had faced."

"In my country, we do have sex education at ages 13, 15 and again at 17 (if they've opted to study biology in 11th and 12th grade otherwise it's just at the former 2 ages)," Cataleya shared. "It's very scientific and doesn't leave space for questions about things that actually matter, things that happen in real-life. Most people don't even learn, they just memorize it to be able to reproduce it during the exams, and then they forget all of it. We need better education, and it has to be more informative and relatable than scientific."

Here are 25 of the funniest misconceptions men have had about women:


"My male friend told me that I don't necessarily know what blood looks like. And that when period blood gets soaked up by a pad or tampon it's no longer visible and soaks into the product losing the blood color. So pads are always white and dry."sweetpotatonerd 


Image Source: Reddit/desert_red_head
Image Source: Reddit/spike4379


Image Source: Reddit/Delicious_Version892


"A male classmate who sat behind me kept whispering my name, so I turned around and asked what he needed. He said he had a really important question, but didn't want to seem stupid. At this point, I was still under the impression he was talking about something regarding the class so I just told him to ask and I'll do my best to answer. He proceeds to ask, 'A girl's vagina is just like an inverted dick, right?' I was so caught off guard by the question that I never actually gave an answer."Nice_Plant4367 


Image Source: Reddit/Raxtenko


Image Source: Reddit/JustAnotherAviatrix
Image Source: Reddit/sjac89


"I (woman) once argued with a guy who kept saying that women aren't into porn for the porn part but for the story and aren't turned on by sex or naked bodies at all. He definitely thinks that to this day because my argument that 'I'm a woman and skip any story part in porn' was met with 'just because you're a woman it doesn't mean you know what women like.'"Saberleaf


Image Source: Reddit/ionfckingwannabehere
Image Source: Reddit/CataleyaJackson


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"You can just turn your period off. Alternatives to this are 'the big egg' theory where you have a period in a toilet all at once and also pass an egg big enough to see and the 'just hold it' where they think you can squeeze your vaginal opening like a sphincter and just not bleed."Musikaravaa


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Image Source: Reddit/ArcadiaPlanitia


"Went on a date with a guy whilst on my period. We ended up kissing on the date and he asked if we could do the deed. I told him that I was on my period and didn't really feel up to it. He rolled his eyes and sighed. 'Can't you just hold it in? I promise it's worth it.' I didn't have any words, just left."TheLittleCas


Image Source: Reddit/ImabratYah
Image Source: Reddit/CataleyaJackson


Image Source: Reddit/amollecarg


"That we get a bit of sexual pleasure from inserting a tampon."Hippos-n-Corgis


Image Source: Reddit/Viat0r


Image Source: Reddit/TicklesPickles


"My ex-boyfriend saw a TikTok that said (as a joke) that us women have blue piss if we were really mad and asked me if he could see it. I obviously said no and told him that it wasn’t true but he seemed to not believe me so now I stay up till 3 am every night thinking about it."Im_Prolly_Depressed


Image Source: Reddit/cdnmoon


My ex yelled at me for not holding it after I bled through a tiny bit onto his relative's white dining room chair cushions.
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"Men. Sweet, summer children. We have three holes. The urethra is between the clit and the vagina. It goes asshole, rectovaginal septum (perenium), vagina (introitus), vestibule, urethra, clit. We don't pee from our vaginas. We pee from the urethra. Which - again - is a different hole. We can control whether we pee. We cannot control whether we bleed. Sneezing, coughing, etc, can shoot forth an amount of blood. Our uterine lining is shedding, and it happens whether we like it or not (hint: we don't)."SJ_Barbarian


Image Source: Reddit/ShePilotsGundams
Image Source: Reddit/ShePilotsGundams


Image Source: Reddit/18justme
Image Source: Reddit/18justme


"When I was in high school, my best friend’s boyfriend thought that when women went through menopause it meant that their vaginas sealed shut forever."Reddit

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