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25 disabled people share the ways able-bodied folks don't recognize their privilege

If you're able-bodied, recognizing your privilege can be a difficult process. 25 disabled people showed us some of the ways ableism thrives in our world today.

25 disabled people share the ways able-bodied folks don't recognize their privilege
Image Source: Twitter/@Imani_Barbarin

If you don't have a disability - invisible or otherwise - you may not recognize the privilege you experience simply by being able-bodied. After all, the world and all of its infrastructure were built with able-bodied people in mind. When you climb up a flight of stairs fully knowing that there isn't a ramp or an elevator, or go to a public washroom that isn't accessible by those in a wheelchair, you are benefitting from able-bodied privilege. If you don't have to live with chronic pain or experience the stigma of medication, you are benefitting from able-bodied privilege.

And that's the problem with ableism: it's implicit. Unless you're directly affected by ableism, you probably wouldn't even know it exists. Even worse yet, you, in all likelihood, wouldn't know that you're actively contributing to the problem. Every time you park in a handicap parking spot, for instance, or use the accessible toilet, you are sidelining the needs of a whole community of people. If you want to learn how to stop being a part of the systemic problem, then you have to read this viral Twitter thread. Twitter user Imani_Barbarin took to the website to ask disabled folk to share their experiences with ableism. She stated, "Let’s finally tell ableds what their ableism actually says about them. #UHateDisabledPeople." The hashtag almost immediately started trending, and responses to her tweet came in from across the world. Here are some of the responses she received.



















































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