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165 residents of a tiny Belgium village share lottery win of $150 million so they can all be happy

Each of the residents pooled in $15 for a joint lottery and shockingly won the jackpot.

165 residents of a tiny Belgium village share lottery win of $150 million so they can all be happy
Image Source: Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Winning a huge lottery seems like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. We all fantasize about having an insurmountable amount of money and make elaborate imaginary plans on how to spend it as well. However, unlike all of us, a group of people has actually won a huge lottery of $150.81 million in the EuroMillions this week. The most exciting part is that it is shared by 165 people from the small northern Belgian village of Olmen. They are the biggest group ever to win a lottery in Belgium, reports Reuters



According to EuroMillions spokesman Joke Vermoere, each individual would get about $958,333 euros tax-free. She added, "It's a lovely story, really." The winners each contributed 15 euros to a pot put up at a local business whose owners organize a EuroMillions group buy on a regular basis, bringing in the odd win but seldom a huge jackpot. Storekeeper Wim Van Broekhoven and his wife were completely shocked when they heard the winning numbers. He said, "Many winning customers were in disbelief at first. We have had quite a few new customers since the big win, but no one in the village holds any grudges against the winners. Everyone is genuinely happy for them." These 165 people are from all walks of life and they can all use the money with the holiday season coming up and an energy crisis clouding the country. 



One of the prize winners, a young lady in her twenties, will purchase a little house for herself and her two dogs. Van Broekhoven said that with the amount of money she'd received, the house didn't have to be modest. Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg host the EuroMillions jackpot. Group winning isn't that uncommon in Belgium but this is the first time such a big group has been able to win a jackpot. 


It hasn't been yet revealed how this group of people will spend their winning amount, but another story of two best friends winning a lottery and using it for charity is absolutely heartwarming. JoAnn MacQueen and Marlisa Mercer, two best friends, won a million dollars in the lottery a few months ago. They chose not to spend it on frivolities, but rather to put it to good use. They chose many organizations in their hometown of Orillia, Ontario, Canada, and donated the majority of their earnings to good causes in order to help and improve the situation of their community.

MacQueen's brother just died as a result of drinking, therefore his best friends decided to contribute to areas he may have visited during his life. They donated to a variety of charities, including Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, the Orillia SPCA, and the Farley Foundation. MacQueen and Mercer both contributed $10,000 to the Comfie Cat Shelter. MacQueen and Mercer will give the money that remains after their gifts to family and friends. They will also do some housing improvements around their town. Their story is extremely heartwarming and they have been applauded globally for their efforts.

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