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11-year-old boy takes up the challenge to mow 50 lawns for people in need, for no charge

Julian La Pan managed to reach this goal in a little over a month and is now setting up his own business. But he will continue to help people in need.

11-year-old boy takes up the challenge to mow 50 lawns for people in need, for no charge
Image Source: Southern Bred Lawn Care

A young boy of 11 in Augusta, Georgia set a personal goal to help make a difference in his community. Julian La Pan wanted to pay it forward with a generous heart and took on the challenge to mow the lawns of 50 people free of cost. In a little over a month, he has already hit his goal and is hoping to be hired by more people now. When he set this goal, the community came together to help him achieve it as much as he wanted to help them. This mutual relationship turned out for the best.

"I worked really hard and sweat a lot and I put a lot of effort into it," Julian told WJBF. His parents could not have been more proud of their son. Julian’s father, Adrian said, "To watch him set a goal and to actually accomplish it was really neat to watch. A lot of people don’t do that. Not even adults." His mother, Ashley, shared about how the community joined hands to help Julian achieve his goal. "Without the help of the community, Julian could not have pulled this off," she said. "The community’s really come together for him and there’s a few people that choose to remain anonymous…people that have donated some equipment, as well."


Many people could have used a hand with maintaining their lawn and Julian wanted to give back to the community. So his mother decided to help him out and put out a notice on a Facebook group for local connections in Augusta. She let people know that Julian was looking to help the elderly, disabled, veterans, single moms, and anyone else who needs their yard cut. If he reached his goal of 50 lawns he would be earning his own mower, weed eater, and blower. This post is how many people found Julian, as did Lee Smart, the owner of Smart Pressure Washing.


Smart was at home scrolling through Facebook when he saw Ashley's notice on the Connect Augusta Facebook group. Seeing how this young man was volunteering to help the elderly, disabled people, and single moms, "just reached in and touched my soul." He then added, "I messaged his mother and told her when he finishes 50 yards I will give him 250 dollars in cash." Julian and his family expressed their gratitude for people like Smart and everyone else in the community who donated and helped him reach his goal.


Although the 50 lawns were mowed in a flash, Julian has learned a lot of life lessons that will continue to help him for life. “I’ve learned a lot more responsibility, a lot more respect, and how much it means to people just doing a little thing like cutting their lawn,” he said and added, “Don’t just sit there and just watch someone like an elderly person cut the grass. Just get up and go help them." He is now setting up his own business and is calling it “Southern Bred Lawn Care.” He does plan to start charging for his services but he will continue to help people in need.


Introducing himself on his Facebook business page he said, "My name is Julian, you may have seen me on the news recently. I took on a challenge to cut 50 lawns for free in my own community! It took me a month to cut all 50! Without my community’s help, I could have never accomplished this. Now that I have done 50 lawns I feel confident I can be the best Lawn kid for all your needs. I mow, rake, pull weeds and I’m learning to trim hedges! Help support my small business and watch me grow!" One of his customers, Brenda, was very impressed with the little boy's work ethic. “I told him he needed to be President of the United States one day," she said. "I may not be here when he makes it, but he’s got all of the qualifications."

Source: Southern Bred Lawn Care

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