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'Zombie Karen' repeatedly rams into bar door and licks the glass pane after getting kicked out

As angry, entitled, and racist as all the other Karens were, it's a Karen from Louisiana who's now leading the 'Most Karen Of Them All' race.

'Zombie Karen' repeatedly rams into bar door and licks the glass pane after getting kicked out
Cover Image Source: Twitter/sreed101

Another day, another Karen going viral after acting batshit crazy over a false sense of entitlement. However, this particular Karen might just take the crown for the most hilarious and fanatical of them all, thanks to all the particularly unbelievable antics she—a grown-ass woman—pulled in public. And if you've been keeping up with the Karens of 2020, you'd know that says quite a bit about her since we've seen Karens in all shapes and forms in recent weeks, from tantrum-throwing 'Costco Karen' to nosy 'Permit Karen' to 'Fake Nurse Karen.'

As angry, entitled, and racist as they all were, it's a Karen from Louisiana who's now leading the 'Most Karen Of Them All' race. She was introduced to the world by Twitter user @sreed101 who recently caught her on camera outside what is believed to be the Mahony's bar in Houma, Louisiana. The video posted by the user shows the woman licking the bar window and repeatedly trying to ram herself through the door while also screaming racist slurs at the Black man filming her antics. Since popping up online on July 2, she has gained infamy as 'Zombie Karen' thanks to other patrons of the bar comparing her actions to the I Am Legend movie.

Image Source: Twitter/sreed101

The 2-minutes-20-seconds long video is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and incredulity as the woman relentlessly tries to ram through the bar's glass door like a bull. Unfortunately for her, the glass is made out of stronger stuff than her alcohol tolerance, making her a laughable spectacle for other patrons. Despite her apparent inability to understand that she's making a fool of herself, the woman does notice that those on the other side of the door are laughing at her. "You think this is funny?" she menacingly asks through the door she just licked up moments ago.

Image Source: Twitter/sreed101

Several netizens also reported picking up on her using the N-word, which was confirmed by sreed101, who explained that this is precisely why he chose not to help her. "Hey, Black boy, you’re a racist motherf***er," she says at another point in the video. The woman eventually appears to injure herself from banging her head against the glass so many times. However, this doesn't seem to deter her in the least. Even while collapsed with a possible head wound, she manages to raise her middle finger to the bar door.


The video ends with two cops handcuffing her. Twitter user @TannerKali_, who is said to have been at the scene of the incident, revealed in a tweet that the woman was trying to bite people in the bar. Gonna go ahead and say I grabbed this lady under her arms so she didn’t hurt herself. She refused to go outside and not only did she start throwing herself on the ground, but she was trying to bite people too. I was helping. Don’t question why I stepped in, she tweeted.


Meanwhile, the comparison to the post-apocalyptic Will Smith film quickly caught on as users shared a video edit of the clip with one of the movie's iconic scenes. Some netizens tried to make sense of the woman's actions by suggesting that she must have mental health issues of some sort to act in this manner. She appears mentally ill and the people inside are laughing and recording her, Twitter user @bluefox198107 wrote. On the other hand, Twitter user @enclave2020 added:  I almost got concerned until she used the N-word. As soon as she said that my sympathy and empathy went right out the window. Sorry, I no longer cared if she was on something or needed help.






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