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'Your kid is naked in your window': Mom gets funniest text ever from neighbor

Two-year-old Dax gave his mom and neighbor quite a good laugh when he plastered himself against a window - butt-naked.

'Your kid is naked in your window': Mom gets funniest text ever from neighbor
Image Source: Image taken by Mayte Torres / Getty Images

Sometimes, kids do the darndest things. While most toddlers are yet to learn about what is and is not acceptable, things can get pretty hilarious when they're figuring that stuff out. There's really nothing you can do about those moments as a parent. You just learn to laugh out loud, call it a day, and move on. That's probably what this mother did when she received perhaps the funniest text you could possibly expect from a neighbor. Mom Jeni Boysen had left her toddler to watch Peppa Pig and attend to some chores when her neighbor texted her, "Your kid is naked in your window."


Unassuming Jeni turned on the television for her two-year-old son Dax and left for another room in the house. What could possibly go wrong, right? Unbeknownst to her, little Dax had decided he had had enough of Peppa Pig. Looking for a new form of entertainment, no doubt, the toddler chose to take off all his clothes and wander about. Yes, stripped down and completely in the nude, he then decided that the most fun thing to do at that moment would be to plaster himself against the glass of a closed window. Oh, boy.


That's when Jeni received the text from her neighbor. It read, "Your kid is naked in your window." Then, sending a photo of the toddler - butt-naked, of course - glued to the window, added, "Not to send you a photo. I've deleted it. But I looked up and there he was." Quite a treat for the neighbor, eh? Nothing like a naked baby to brighten up your otherwise boring day. When the mother read the text messages, she couldn't help but laugh. Jeni responded, "Oh my god. I'm laughing so f*cking hard." Honestly, there's really nothing else you can do in uncontrollable instances like these.





Instead of keeping the hilarious incident to herself, the mother decided to spread the joy. Taking to Facebook, she posted a screenshot of the text message exchange and wrote, "Ya know. Sometimes you think you’re doing okay at life and then you get a message like this from a neighbor. I just cried I laughed so hard. This is exactly the laughter I needed tonight." As you would expect, it's gone absolutely viral. Since it was first uploaded online, the post has been shared over 145,000 times. It also has over 38,000 reactions. Several people have also written lovely comments, such as Abby Cooper, who stated, "This is the best laugh I've had in a while. Hahahahaha, what a good neighborhood!" That is definitely true. Good on the neighbor for letting Jeni know. Not only did it save little Dax from further embarrassment (or something more dangerous) and gave all of us a much-needed laugh.


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