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Girl's excitement when introducing mom to her boyfriend is winning hearts

The 33-second clip is sure to bring a smile to your face even on the gloomiest of days.

Girl's excitement when introducing mom to her boyfriend is winning hearts
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/purple-circle

Editor's note: This article was originally published on September 8, 2022. It has since been updated.

The adorable doorbell cam footage of a young woman bringing her boyfriend home to meet her mom for the first time is spreading smiles across the internet. The 33-second clip on Reddit was shared on the r/MadeMeSmile forum by u/purple-circle. Since being posted in the subreddit, the heartwarming video featuring the woman's giddy excitement at introducing her boyfriend to her mom has been upvoted more than 116,000 times. Captioned "Young girl introduces her first boyfriend to her mother," the clip is sure to bring a smile to your face even on the gloomiest of days.

The video begins with the woman and her boyfriend walking up to the front door of her mom's house. She is seen carrying a bouquet of flowers in her hands and a wide smile on her face as she rings the doorbell and waits for her mother to respond. "Mommy..," she says in a singsong voice, barely able to contain her excitement. Her mother opens the door without much delay and although she isn't visible in the frame, it is evident from the tone of her voice that she is just as excited and happy for her daughter. "Hi!" she is heard saying enthusiastically. "Look at this! Hi, how are you?" she adds to the young man dating her daughter.

As she opens the door, the young woman attempts to formally introduce her mom to her boyfriend but adorably fails as she starts jumping up and down giggling. "Mom. This is my boyfriend," she says, to which her mom responds, "Awww..." The young man can't help but grin wide at his girlfriend's happiness and the warm welcome he receives from her mom. "I'm so happy," the mom is heard saying as her daughter goes inside. The video ends with the young woman exclaiming "I have a boyfriend!" and her mom inviting the boyfriend in, saying "Aww... welcome darling. Come in."

Reddit users couldn't help but gush over all the love captured in the short clip—although many had a lot to say about the boyfriend's choice of outfit for meeting the parents. "Imagine people jumping in excitement because of you. People get excited when I leave the room," commented one Reddit user. "Nothing screams young love like poor decisions all around. The dude for wearing a 'Playboy' shirt to meet his girlfriend's parents for the FIRST time and the girl for being too giddy and in love to kindly suggest perhaps any other t-shirt might be best lol. It's still an adorable video. Brings us all back I'm sure. Or newer parents about to experience the same thing," wrote donorcycle.


"I'm not convinced any past relationships have ever been THAT happy to announce me as their boyfriend. I've never even worn a Playboy t-shirt. Maybe that's the problem," commented threaders_lewis. The video has also popped up on other social media platforms over the past few months and the Playboy shirt is winning the boyfriend no favors. "If my daughter brings home a guy with a Playboy shirt, me and jr would be having a conversation," tweeted @curtis_neveu.

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