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Young girl's love for stepfather wins hearts all over the internet: 'He is the bestest stepdaddy'

A young girl delivered an emotional speech at her mother's wedding for her new stepfather and left no eyes dry in the hall.

Young girl's love for stepfather wins hearts all over the internet: 'He is the bestest stepdaddy'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@consciouscanaan

Separations are really hard on children. The process gets even more complicated when a new person comes into the equation. But with maturity and respect, new partners can also foster a healthy relationship with the children, as evidenced by this video uploaded by Conscious Cannan (@consciouscanaan) on TikTok. In this video, a girl named Anyston is seen honoring her stepfather at his wedding with her mother. She appreciates him for the happiness he has brought in her and her mother's life. The girl's words are so genuine and authentic that it is sure to leave anybody listening teary-eyed. Her testimony is proof that children can find happiness outside the traditional set-up. The video was originally posted by Chase Dunivant Creative–who goes by @chasedunivantcreative on Instagram–back in May 2022.

Image Source: TikTok/@consciouscanaan
Image Source: TikTok | @consciouscanaan

The video begins with the host inviting Anyston on the stage. She said, "We have one more person who has a surprise for her mama. Anyston take it away." Anyston takes the mike, checks it by doing the usual drill and then begins her emotional speech. The daughter starts by sharing how happy she is that her mother is getting married to JB. She adds, "He is the bestest stepdaddy I ever had." This one got some chuckles, but everyone understood by Anyston's innocent expressions that it was all in love. Anyston went on to add, "I love him. Everybody loves him. I'm glad that he married my mama." It opened the floodgate of tears for the couple. Both of them were happy that she was elated with their decision to tie the knot.

Image Source: TikTok/@consciouscanaan
Image Source: TikTok | @consciouscanaan

The daughter ends by relaying the hope she has for their future. She says, "We're gonna live so happy and he's gonna take... so good care of us." At the end of the speech, everyone applauded. The fact that the girl is filled with so much positivity regarding this new milestone shows how much care and love the couple has shown toward her throughout the process. It proves that functioning with affection and love never goes to waste.

The video was also uploaded on Chase Dunivant Creative's YouTube channel, where Anyston's mother, Carley Reese, posted a comment and shared a little bit of a backstory. She said, "This child has never been in front of an audience! Up until this point, she would practice with the church choir but would refuse to sing at Sunday Service. We had 350 people invited to our wedding and at least 315 showed up. Anyston was 6 at the time. We call her Bug. Chase is AMAZING. He caught this on May 6th at our wedding and put it together to deliver to me on Mother's Day. He's an Angel. We love him. We love his work."

Image Source: TikTok/@thatbrittneygirl
Image Source: TikTok | @thatbrittneygirl
Image Source: TikTok/@historiccemetaryy
Image Source: TikTok | @historiccemetaryy

The comment section could not get enough of the daughter's cuteness on TikTok. @randyellis1911 appreciated the maturity with which the daughter approached the new chapter and wrote, "That is a whole lot of depth for a little girl. Congratulations to all." @james_reynolds1018 appreciated the father's role in all of this and commented, "Well done, little lady, well done. Great job JB, on being a wonderful man. Wish y'all the best!" @imiktfnoraa shared how this was a cryfest for her and wrote, "Tell me why I started crying before she even started talking." @jarrett.l shared what they would have been doing at the wedding and commented, "Would have caught me bawling my eyes out in the back."

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