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Young girl discovers the joy of walking with the help of prosthetic legs after suffering from Sepsis

She miraculously survived, but as a result of the illness, she is now a quad amputee and a determined learner.

Young girl discovers the joy of walking with the help of prosthetic legs after suffering from Sepsis
Cover Image Source: Instagram | movementformia

In a miraculous moment and a heartwarming video clip posted on Instagram by @movementformia, young and determined Mia, a quadruple amputee, gets to try her new running prosthetics, which was a strong leap from the days when she was not expected to even walk. When Mia was just four-year-old, who loved biking, swimming and gymnastics, she suddenly fell ill and needed life support. She suffered from Sepsis but managed to survive, "however, as a result of the illness, she has become a quad amputee, having her arms amputated below her elbows and her legs amputated below her knees," reads her official page Movement For Mia which tracks her determined journey.

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Mia underwent a heavy procedure during which she even needed CPR to revive. Her hands and legs had turned dark due to low blood circulation. She was always accompanied by a family member in PICU. A music therapist visited Mia and performed some songs for her. Her fingers and toes began to dry and shriveled as the days passed. Mia had her right leg amputated on November 10, 2017. Mia's arms healed well and she continued to astound everyone with her resilience and adaptability.

Her strength and general health have returned, and she began Prep in 2018. Mia has learned to write with her arms, is very efficient on her iPad, can feed herself, is an excellent power wheelchair driver, and is extremely mobile, crawling around the house on her elbows and knees. Nothing can stop her.

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A post shared by Movement for Mia (@movementformia)


In June 2018, she began the arm prosthetics process. Initially, she found them difficult to use, but eventually, she enjoyed holding a brush and brushing her hair. Her right knee, which had the most skin damage, took a long time to heal and required skin graft surgery. Finally, at the end of July 2018, Mia started wearing training legs and restarted the process of learning to walk. Her determination has been inspiring. She can now walk, run, swim, and even play the trumpet like others. She goes through a lot of training, practice, highs and lows but manages to achieve what she sets her mind to.

As she received her running prosthetics, her Instagram post reads, "Maybe one of the cutest sights ever mini Mia in running blades. We had no idea if Mia would even be able to walk a few steps. She progressed to running in such a short time amazing everyone!! A really, really wonderful day. I have hoped that Mia will be ok and worry so so much. I now know that Mia's life is going to be something really amazing. So extremely proud of this amazing little girl. Tears of so much joy for her." The video shows her moving forward and backward, making strides on her own. 


People following her journey support and encourage her. "I think she is going to grab life with both hands and give 100% to everything. She is sure an inspiration. You are doing an amazing job to raise her to become independent and strong," commented @once_upon_a_quilt. "So wonderful for you to watch your little girl running! Nothing is going to stop her now," added @fifimdj.

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