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Young girl composes a romantic song with her funny understanding of love: 'Wants to marry me'

This kid is not only talented but she has suitors all around her and hence she is confused about picking the right one.

Young girl composes a romantic song with her funny understanding of love: 'Wants to marry me'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @recess_therapy

Julian Shapiro Barnum is an internet personality and producer who has been conducting one-of-a-kind interviews with little guests on his show. A 22-year-old Barnum has been asking young kids a bunch of adulting questions to which the kids respond with their best understanding. A little girl named Zoey recently appeared in one of the episodes of the web series called "Recess Therapy" which was created and hosted by Barnum as he interviews children between the ages of two to nine in New York City.

Image Source: Instagram | @recess_therapy
Image Source: Instagram | @recess_therapy

Every encounter of his with various kids is special in its way but this time, Zoey managed to steal the show with her budding talent and her honest take on what she feels like love is. "Indie singer-songwriter Zoey shares a new heartbreaking single about Recess Therapy’s Miles! Soon to be a number 1 hit! Huge shout out to the amazing @brooklynmusicfactory! We visited their School Holiday Camp to speak with some of Brooklyn’s youngest songwriters and musicians," the caption on the Instagram clip from the interview read.

Barnum starts the interview by disclosing that another young guest on his show named Miles had appeared in a previous episode where he confessed that he wanted to marry Zoey. Turns out, little Zoey was well aware of it. "Are you ready for that?" Barnum jokingly asks her about her thoughts on the potential suitor. However, Zoey doesn't appear to be sure of it. "There are like two people I really like," Zoey mentioned. Barnum wonders what she is going to do about it to which she answers "love is so confusing" and "it is hard to know." Barnum suggests that they should go a write a love song about it and that's where the actual fun begins.

Image Source: Instagram | @recess_therapy
Image Source: Instagram | @recess_therapy

Zoey has surprisingly prepared a love song about a flower and a jar of peanut butter. She gets behind her synthesizer as Barnum holds the mic close to her face so she can sing in it. "The flower was in love with peanut butter," the little girl starts humming. "The peanut butter looked so lonely. She had somebody she liked. But didn't know which one to choose," the lyrics go on. "Peanut butter and the jelly but which one is right for me?" Barnum chimes in as well. "But the flower didn't need anybody at all. She was perfect the way she was," Zoey finished her song and received a round of applause from Barnum. Folks on the internet were pleasantly surprised by her simple lyrics which somehow delivered a powerful message unbeknownst to Zoey.

A few people compared the little girl to Japanese-born American singer-songwriter Mitski and even humored about putting songstress Lana Del Rey out of business with her budding talent. @existential_crisis_barbie joked: "When she sang 'the flower didn’t need anybody at all; she was perfect the way she was' I felt that." @tracietakeson enquired: "This song is definitely Grammy-worthy! When does Zoey go on tour?" @peachjaelly remarked: "I love how she asks what’s a girl to do and then starts drinking from her water bottle. Like yes girl, hydrate first and think about it later." Someone even added that this could be hailed as the "independent women's anthem for 2024."

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Barnum has also hit the red carpets of this year's Golden Globe Awards with his two 7-year-old friends Amina and Avery where the trio encountered several notable celebrities and conducted fun interview sessions with them. In an Instagram post announcing about the event, Barnum wrote: "Lately every moment has been feeling like my proudest moment. I feel beyond lucky. Amina, Avery, and I had the time of our lives! Everyone celebrated and welcomed the two silly 7-year-olds on the red carpet and I’m thankful for all the love! What a weekend." Indeed it was a glamorous weekend because the little ones got to interact with Dua Lipa, Margot Robbie, Quinta Brunson, Jeremy Allen White and Oprah Winfrey to name a few.

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