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Upcoming punk band thought they were a bunch of nobodies. Then a kid from the audience took the mic

When this up-and-coming band needed it the most, a young fan has been supporting them by showing up for all of their gigs.

Upcoming punk band thought they were a bunch of nobodies. Then a kid from the audience took the mic
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Grootdrew

When someone is starting their career or any big project in life, support means everything. Knowing someone believes in what they are working towards adds so much encouragement and strength to purpose. Reddit user u/Grootrew demonstrated this with a heartwarming post about a young fan who showed immense support for an upcoming hardcore punk band. The man shared a video of one of their gigs and was smitten by the presence of the little boy and his overwhelming support. The caption mentioned that the boy had been showing up to every one of the band’s gigs.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Grootdrew
Image Source: Reddit | u/Grootdrew

The band named Gottlieb (GOT-leeb)–who goes on Instagram by @gottlieb_punk–has been started by a group of young people. In his caption, the man shared that having just started, they were “a bunch of nobodies” and having a little kid dedicatedly support them and their work “meant the world.” The video captured the band on stage during one of their gigs. The little boy is seen on stage with the band in complete fusion, like a hardcore fan. Moreover, the video also captures the boy holding the mic in his hand and singing along to bits of the song while the crowd and the band members cheer him on. As the boy whole-heartedly gives his best to sync with the music and drumming, one can tell that he’s quite the fan.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Grootdrew
Image Source: Reddit | u/Grootdrew

The man shared that the boy was aware of every song the band had and knew all the lyrics very well. After the boy does his bit on stage, the members continue to cheer and applaud him for his crazy passion for the band. Gottlieb has recently released their song, “I Am This Place” and it has got quite the love and support. The post on Reddit received over 29k upvotes and many users were gleaming over the adorable yet passionate support the little fan rendered. Over 500 comments rolled in to appreciate the boy and encourage the budding band members. u/LocoRocoo said, “Honestly, this would make my world as a musician. That’s why I started as a kid like that. To see a kid like that one day would probably make me cry.”

u/Theazel said, “Folks like you are angels to people like me. You gave this kid a safe place to explore music he's passionate about and we can only hope that he carries that passion with him and chases every dream that goes through his head. Thank you for making a difference. I hope you all thrive and grow and achieve your goals.” Others even applauded the band members for acknowledging the young fans as they should. u/TheKnightsWhoSay_heh said, “I gotta tell you, thanks for recognizing that. Guys like them sometimes forget or even don't realize the impact they have on the young and the youth. Something like that should be nurtured as much as your students' love for music needs to be nurtured.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/ADorkInMyClothing
Image Source: Reddit | u/ADorkInMyClothing


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