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Young brother-sister duo have the cutest relationship and people can't get enough of their love

In one video, Kazeem is seen crying and telling his mom, 'I'm so worried about Grace.' When asked why, he responds, 'Because I love her all day.'

Young brother-sister duo have the cutest relationship and people can't get enough of their love
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele

It is rare to find siblings who become best friends from a young age. But that's the case with Grace, 3, and Kazeem, 5. The adorable brother-sister duo likes to spend the entire day together and even have their bedtime routine together. In videos posted on the TikTok channel @grazeemoladele, their mother has managed to capture the sweet relationship that the two share with each other. 

Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele
Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele

In one video, Grace wakes up Kazeem and asks him why his eye is red. He tells her that it is because he was sleeping. He then goes and hugs her and says, "You're beautiful, Grace." In another video, he is seen crying and tells his mom, "I'm so worried about Grace." When the mom asks why he is worried about her, he responds, "Because I love her all day."

The mother then tells him that she is in her room and they can't sleep in the same room because "you all play together." He agrees with her but wants to hug her one last time before sleeping. In another hilarious video, Kazeem and Grace are all dressed up and he can be seen pouting, trying to show how his sister poses for pictures. 

Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele
Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele

Their mother, Miracle, told Good Morning America, "They're best friends." Many on social media find the brother-sister relationship perfect. @brijaney commented, “I’m about to call my brother and cuss him out 'cause he needs to learn from Kazeem.” @orange200_ wrote, “How did you raise these beautiful kind babies???? What is your secret???”

@chandanzimba expressed, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” @ksnaturally, “The sweetest thing I’ve seen all day... You’re beautiful Grace... I can blow your eye big brother... bless their hearts.”

Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele
Image Source: TikTok/ @grazeemoladele

@amidoingthisright19 shared, “Miss this age. He’s such a sweetie and I love the way you talk him through things.” @corneliamak0 wrote, "Why am I crying? Such beautiful beautiful love to his sister."


The relationship that Kazeem and Grace share aren't unique to them. In a TikTok video posted by @stormybonds01, a young man named Bentley can be seen singing his version of the rhyme, "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round," to his younger sibling Bowen. He sings, "Babies on the bus go 'oua, oua, oua' all through the town. Mommies on the bus go, 'sshh...ssshhh..' all through the town" while keeping his finger to the mouth. The baby also responds to his song by making noises and toward the end, Bowen does seem sleepy.

Image Source: TikTok/ @stormybonds01
Image Source: TikTok/ @stormybonds01

The video is captioned, "Bentleys the best brother ever. After Bent sang to Bowen for a little he ended up falling asleep." It has more than 2k views and 131 likes. Many on TikTok loved the heartwarming moment between the two. @rustiquecharmbyleese commented, "So sweet!" @larsy1209 wrote, "He is the most precious boy I swear." @beckydalton pointed out, " Awww my heart."

The same video was also posted on Twitter by @GoodNewsMVT. It has gained more than 5,400 views. The video is captioned, "The sweetest big brother. Goodnight everyone. Enjoy Bentley singing to baby Bowen." @kathyparent19 commented, "So sweet." @texaradogirl wrote, " How wonderful."


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