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Young boy was crying for not having PJs for Pajamas Day. A bus driver decided to 'fix this.'

While arriving for the usual pick-up, the bus driver realized the first grader was looking gloomy and decided to help him out.

Young boy was crying for not having PJs for Pajamas Day. A bus driver decided to 'fix this.'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Jefferson County Public Schools

Sometimes, even the simplest gesture of kindness matters a lot to someone. Many beautiful souls in the world realize this and try their best to bring a smile to someone's face. One such heartwarming incident from Kentucky has caught the internet's attention recently. When a first-grade student, Levi, was tearing up because he had no PJs to wear for his school's Pajamas Day, his school bus driver came to his rescue, per TODAY.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liliana Drew
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liliana Drew

It all started one morning when bus driver Larry Farrish Jr. from Louisville, Kentucky, arrived to pick Levi up for school. Farrish Jr. instantly knew Levi was a bit put out. "Normally, when I pull up, he's standing there waiting for me with a big smile, but on this day, he was sitting on the ground with a jacket over his head," the driver told the media channel. He then went ahead and asked Levi if something was wrong. The little boy explained with tear-filled eyes that he didn't have pajamas to wear for the Pajamas Day at his school, Engelhard Elementary. Saying this, Levi walked to a seat away from his friends and the driver couldn't help but notice his sadness.


A rush of empathy filled Farrish Jr. when he saw how miserable the little boy was. The first thought that came to his mind was, "I've got to fix this." However, being a school bus driver, the 35-year-old had to finish his morning routes before he could do anything for the boy. Once he was done, he went straight to the Family Dollar store to buy two pairs of pajamas for little Levi. Wasting no time, the bus driver went to Levi's school to give him the pajamas so he didn't miss Pajamas Day. While giving the pajamas, Farrish Jr. told Levi, "You were hurting this morning, you were crying, so I got you these pajamas." Hugging the pajamas, Levi instantly beamed with excitement and the bus driver was so glad that he was able to do it for the little boy.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mihai Vlasceanu
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mihai Vlasceanu

"I can tell Mr. Larry is nice and his heart is filled with joy. When he got me the pajamas, I did a happy cry," Levi told the news channel. Farrish Jr. has always been known as a kind person who goes above and beyond for those in the community. "I've been driving buses for seven years. It's my passion because I get to build bonds with the children. I truly love every minute of it." said the driver, who previously worked as a correctional officer and a truck driver. The kind-hearted man became inclined to drive school buses because of how fulfilling it was for him.

Honoring his thoughtful gesture, the Jefferson County Public Schools shared this heartwarming story on Facebook. People on the platform were touched by the bus driver's sweet efforts for Levi. "Looks like Mr. Larry got him more than just pajamas. I love our JCPS bus drivers," wrote Katie Goldstein. "Mr Larry is the absolute best. We were blessed with him as our bus driver for 4 years. Top-notch human," commented Maggie Willacker. "We definitely need more people like this in the world. What an awesome guy," commented Theresa Phillips.

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