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Boy learns to do wheelies from a fellow wheelchair user in a heartwarming moment

The boy was in awe of a woman in a wheelchair as she teaches him how to do a wheelie and share the experience.

Boy learns to do wheelies from a fellow wheelchair user in a heartwarming moment
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @howimetyourhannah

Some videos on social media have the power to immediately light up our day. We do not always know how or why but they surely bring a smile to our faces. In such a heartwarming video on Instagram posted by @howimetyourhannah, we see a boy in a wheelchair, being in awe of a woman in a similar situation as him as she teaches him how to do a wheelie.

Image Source: Instagram | @howimetyourhannah
Image Source: Instagram | @howimetyourhannah

The text overlay mentions how the boy came up to her and asked her if she could do a wheelie. When she said yes and she did one, he also wanted to learn it as he was amazed by her flawless skill. In the video, we see how the boy tries to copy the woman and they are both filled with joy as they see and understand each other's experience. We can hear smiles, giggles and see a beautiful moment here. As he attempts to do a wheelie, his father comes and helps him.

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He finally tries to do it with some success and is heard saying, "Where is the sweet spot at?" At this moment, we hear the woman and people around him giggling with joy. The woman has uploaded this video on Instagram and captioned it, "This is what it’s all about. Wheelie, I’ve been using a wheelchair for almost 6 years now and this was my first time ever meeting a kiddo like me. The bond is unreal and this moment had me in tears. At the end of the day, we all just want a connection with someone who understands us. I’m so glad he found me! #sweetspot."

The video has gone viral on Instagram and has received more than 4,000 likes and several comments. @jmont824 commented, "It just warms the heart and soul to see this kind of content." @courtneywlsn wrote, "This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen all day."

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In another heartwarming story, a disabled man using a wheelchair performed the longest ramp jump and created a world record. Aaron Fotheringham was born with a mobility disorder called spina bifida. But that did not stop him from fulfilling his dreams of taking on extreme sports challenges. He fought his fate and created a wheelchair motocross to be a part of the sport, as per the Guinness World Records.

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Even as a baby, Aaron could not walk but he quickly learned to use a baby walker and his crutches. He soon switched to a wheelchair and that's when he found something truly life-changing. Aaron was an adopted child among 5 others and he saw his elder brother, Brian, making a roar at the local skatepark. He was not just satisfied with watching his brother, he wanted to do it on his own.

He was also helped by Brian and their father, Steve. Aaron fell off a 4 feet (1.22-m) quarterpipe but he did not stop there. Since then, he has been to WCMX or wheelchair motocross (a sport where wheelchair athletes do tricks adapted from skateboarding). He has become better at it and has developed complex and refined tricks from "from carving and grinding to hand-planting and power-sliding", as per the Guinness World Record.

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