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Young adults are finding the 'where's my dad' trend relatable in daily lives: 'It's literally me'

They creatively overlay the audio to humorously express situations where they wish their dads were present.

Young adults are finding the 'where's my dad' trend relatable in daily lives: 'It's literally me'
Cover Image Source: (L to R) TikTok | @bella_ _rose; TikTok | @jessvalortiz; TikTok | @heyits.kt

Even as adults, there are moments in life when we long for the comfort of having our dads take care of certain tasks for us. Whether it's dealing with taxes, paying bills, or handling a flat tire, there's a special nostalgia attached to seeking our father's help. This sentiment lies at the heart of the latest viral TikTok trend that's taking the internet by storm.

Image Source: TikTok/ @bella_ _rose and
Image Source: (L) TikTok | @bella_ _rose; (R) TikTok |

TikTok users have been using footage of a young actor singing a song from a Finding Nemo musical. The footage is reportedly from the Brick Children’s Comm Theatre in New Jersey. The actor can be seen singing, “Where’s my dad?” while holding a Finding Nemo puppet and moving its mouth. He continues, "I'm all alone. I'm too small to be here on my own. I swam away because I got mad. But now I really need him. Where's my dad?”

Image Source: TikTok/ @jessvalortiz
Image Source: TikTok | @jessvalortiz

Many people on TikTok have been using this meme to talk about instances where they wish their dads were there for them. One video posted by @bella_ _rose uses the clip and has a text overlay, “Me when it’s time to do my tax return.” Many found the TikTok clip extremely funny. @glolabmedspa commented, “Me going car shopping by myself.” @caraboo900 shared, “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Immediately sent it to my dad because it’s literally me.” @gabbybreen said, “This video hits even harder since my dad’s a literal accountant.”

Another TikTok user @jessvalortiz using the same audio can be seen hilariously mimicking it while the text overlay reads, “When I go to get my oil changed and the guy starts asking me questions about my car.” @johnnyspinelli can be seen cleaning the yard in a video and the same song plays in the background and the text overlay reads, “When you own a house and they now are in charge of the yard work.”

Other than dads, people also used the same clips for their bosses. A TikTok page talks about a funny situation. The overlay text says, “Your boss is OOO and everyone starts asking you questions you should 100% know the answers to.”

Image Source: TikTok/ @heyits.kt
Image Source: TikTok | @heyits.kt

Even dog owners are using this meme for their pets. In one video posted by @heyits.kt, a yellow labrador seems to have no path to move forward as the road is covered with snow. Meanwhile, his “dad” could be seen shoveling on the other side. The dog is patiently waiting for his owner to make a way for him.

@420prettypisces commented, “’ I’m too small’ fits so well with labs bc they think they are small little babies.” @audreye.1 wrote, “I love how she’s just watching and waiting like ‘the audacity.’” @s1utf0rdrpepper shared, “My dog is the same way if something is in her way she won’t step over it or walk around it she’ll wait for someone to move it.” @clifton.tails said, "Oh poor baby!! Left out there in the middle of nowhere."

Though it is a TikTok trend according to a 2022 report released by LendingTree, 76 percent of millennials and Gen Z who moved home in 2020 are still living with their parents, reports ScaryMommy. Moreover, according to, 45% of American parents still support one of their children financially with some paying more than $1400 per month. The support includes things like groceries, phones, and rent or mortgage.

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