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YouTube star releases cremation-themed makeup palette, stirs controversy

Jeffree Star recently launched his 'Cremation' eyeshadow palette, which features 24 shades such as 'death certificate' and 'the morgue.'

YouTube star releases cremation-themed makeup palette, stirs controversy
Image Source: Jeffree Star/YouTube

Thousands of folks across the world have lost their loved ones to the deadly Coronavirus. Due to the ongoing lockdowns in various countries, many have not been able to bid farewell to their friends and family members through a funeral as they traditionally would. They have, unfortunately, been forced to cremate their bodies. At a time when the world is nursing such a heartbreaking pain, YouTube makeup guru Jeffree Star has released a rather controversial makeup palette. Why exactly is it so contentious? Well, it's themed after cremations. Literally named 'Cremation,' this eyeshadow palette has upset quite a few folks on the internet who believe Star is being insensitive and tone-deaf by choosing to release the product at such a delicate time.


The makeup star unveiled the palette on May 16 in an almost 23-minute long YouTube video. "Are you ready to get spooky?" He asks. "Because today we are unveiling the brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics 'Cremated' collection!" While the product was supposed to be released in April, the launch was delayed owing to, of course, the ongoing public health crisis. Star explained, "You guys know this collection was actually supposed to come out in April, but the Coronavirus has had the whole entire beauty industry - of course as well as the entire planet - shook. A lot of brands and a lot of US companies have had to move things back. We've had to push launches, there [were] things that were about to start production overseas, and because of the virus, they were completely shut down."



Even though the outbreak delayed the makeup guru's plans, he decided to go ahead with the launch. The eyeshadow palette includes 24 shades, which all have names that fall under the aloof "cremation" theme. There are hues such as "death certificate," "the morgue," and "obituary." Needless to say, words like these can invoke deep and painful emotions within someone who has just lost a loved one. Several people recognized this and took to Twitter to voice their opinion. One Twitter user wrote, "To those who find a 'cremation' palette launch during a pandemic acceptable, please feel free to let the millions of families who lost loved ones, were unable to have a proper burial, and had no choice but to have a cremation for their loved one why you feel so strongly."



Another user posted, "Kinda offended considering you’re making a makeup palette called 'cremated.' I just had my boyfriend cremated and this sh*t really hits home, and not in a good way. Kinda disrespectful if you ask me." However, some users felt that those who were upset by the theme were simply being too sensitive. "It offends you because you are in a recent stage in your grieving," one user stated. "But you also have to realize that there is a culture of people that are into the death genre. Jeffree is one of them. This palette is for those peeps. This is not a palette for the Kardashian cookie-cutter girls." Others, still, pointed out that Star trademarked the name back in September before the pandemic even began.



With this in mind, folks have argued that such a palette would have been offensive no matter when it was launched as people die all the time. Though there are no clear answers on the matter and the discussion is futile when considering the larger picture of the ongoing public health crisis, it does make one wonder about where people's priorities lie at a time when we should all be focusing on community building.



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