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Forget chairs, now you can plop down anywhere with a wearable bean bag

For those who don't have time to find a comfortable spot, Hanalolo's wearable bean bag pillow is the perfect solution!

Forget chairs, now you can plop down anywhere with a wearable bean bag
Cover Image Source: Hanalolo

Have you ever felt like you wanted to take a break and lounge but with no comfy spot in sight? Well, the Japanese company Hanalolo may have the perfect solution for those of us who do not have time to find a proper spot - a wearable bean bag pillow! That's right. You can now be your own cozy spot wherever you are. Hanalolo, based in Aichi, Japan, is known for creating bean bags and floor pillows of all shapes and sizes. But over 10 years ago, the company had a unique idea: a wearable bean bag outfit for their staff to promote the brand at promotional events. At first, the idea was just for fun, but customers kept asking about it and wanting to buy it. After giving it some thought, Hanalolo decided to take the plunge and launch the product - and thank goodness they did! The sales were slow at first, but one viral tweet changed everything and the wearable bean bags were sold out for a while.


For a lot of people, it is the perfect alternative to a conventional outfit; no more boring clothes and no more uncomfortable shoes. Now you can just slip into a bean bag and be the life of the party! This revolutionary product comes in three sizes - small, medium and large - and four colors - moss green, natural beige, mocha and charcoal - plus a special Mickey Mouse-print version. And, the best part is, the large size weighs only 11 pounds - so it is light enough to carry around with you everywhere you go!



Within the span of a few weeks, the bean bag has become a sensation, appearing on Japanese TV and inspiring fans to draw their favorite anime characters wearing it. And it is no wonder why - it's cozy, comfortable and downright fun! Plus, it can be used as a regular bean bag to just throw on the ground and lay down on.



Now, if you want to get your hands on this unique item, you can purchase it at Hanalolo's Rakuten shop or on their webstore. Also, in order to stay updated on the latest news and offers, make sure to follow the company on Instagram. So the next time when you are looking for a comfy spot to take a break, why not just be your own spot with Hanalolo's wearable bean bag pillow?

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