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‘Please don’t yell at my kids today’: Mom confronts bus driver who allegedly makes her kids cry

Cassah posted a video confronting the driver only for the her to shout back at the Mom, denying making her kids cry.

‘Please don’t yell at my kids today’: Mom confronts bus driver who allegedly makes her kids cry
Image source: TikTok/@cassahfrass1

A video of a young mother accusing a school bus driver of making her kids cry every day has gone viral. The video shows Cassah confronting the driver for allegedly making her kids cry every day. The bus driver ends up shouting at the mother before driving off. Cassah, as she identifies herself on TikTok, posted the video on the platform and it has been viewed more than 27 million times. She also alleged that the bus driver called her kids an 'a$$hole.' She accused the school of not taking any action against the driver. Cassah captioned the video: “The school can’t do anything, they come home crying every day,” reported Daily Dot.



The video shows the bus arriving at the pick-up spot where Cassah and her three kids are waiting. “This bus driver makes my kids cry every day,” reads the on-screen text. She says goodbye to her kids and tells them she loves them as they board the bus. She then turns her attention to the Washington County school bus driver, who is busy handing out face masks to the kids boarding the bus. “Please don’t yell at my kids today,” she tells the bus driver. 



The driver hits back, telling her, "I don’t yell at your kids.” The woman bus driver doesn't hold back and shouts back the Mom. “No, I do not; you shut your mouth.” The Mom is taken aback for a moment but then questions the bus driver's arrogance. “Who do you think you are?” the mom asks. The bus driver hits back again. “Who do you think you are?” she tells the Mom. “I’m asking you not to yell at my kids,” the mom shouts but the bus driver doesn't relent. “How dare you tell me not to yell at your kids,” the bus driver says. The Mom then tells the bus driver that her children cry every day on the bus. 



At this point, the bus driver shuts the door and drives off. The driver appears to flip off the Mom while driving away but the images aren't conclusive but Cassah suggested that she was flipped off. While the video didn't establish if the bus driver shouts at her kids, many TikTok users felt her conduct towards Cassah definitely showed that she did shout at the kids and made them cry. “She definitely yells at the kids,” wrote one person while another commented, “She screamed at you immediately; no doubt in my mind she yells at those poor babies.”



"Thursday Lily was crying. Friday she called me an a$$hole. To my daughter. Not to me. Monday she said I needed to grow up and start taking them to school. Tuesday was the day I shot the video. I was asking her politely to not yell at my kids. Everybody's coming at me for yanking my kids off the bus but now, I think I should have. That afternoon I was planning on going to pick them up because I didn't want them riding the bus," she said in a different video.

Image source: TikTok/@cassahfrass1


She added that the management asked her to have the kids take the bus so they could monitor the driver's actions. "So the bus has a camera and apparently all of the footage from the hard drive has messed up. This is what they're telling me. They can't retrieve the video footage. So, I sent the video of me asking the driver to not yell. The management reportedly told Cassah that the driver appeared to be treating the kids nicely. "Nothing about her behavior to me," she said. Cassah later turned the comments off on the videos.

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