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Would it be rude to get a refund for takeout covered in Bible verses? The internet is divided.

After a woman received her food order plastered with Bible verses, she asked if it would be rude to request a refund.

Would it be rude to get a refund for takeout covered in Bible verses? The internet is divided.
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Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Your belief system only becomes problematic when you try to shove it down other people's throats. Reddit user Sbbazzz took to the thread 'Am I the *sshole' when she received her takeout order in packaging that had Bible verses written all over it. She wanted to request a refund as she felt uncomfortable knowing that her money went to an establishment that believed it was okay to "push their religion" on their customers. Other Reddit users were conflicted. Some believed she was, indeed, the *sshole, while others argued that it was okay to let the restaurant know that their packaging was unacceptable.


The original poster wrote, "My husband and I ordered DoorDash tonight and we requested from a small restaurant in town." DoorDash is a food delivery service that operates through a smartphone app. She continued, " The thing is, EVERY takeout item they wrote some sort of Bible verse. Upon looking on their website they don't appear to be overtly religious. I just think it's really messed up to push your religion on someone like that and I wish I would've ordered elsewhere. What do you guys think? Was this over the top and I'm justified in requesting a refund?" The Reddit thread was almost immediately buzzing with other users eager to share their opinions on the matter.



One Reddit user - whose comment is presently the top comment - wrote, "[You're not the *sshole]. Religion is like d*ck. It’s fine and all to have, it’s cool that you are proud of it, just don’t go shoving it down my throat or anything." Several other users, evidently, were in agreement with them. However, a few believed that Sbbazz should have just let the packaging go this time and order from elsewhere next time. For instance, one person stated, "[You're the *sshole]. Like, who cares. With everything else going on in the world, how is this what your panties [are] in a bunch for? Let it go." To this, the original poster responded, "Aye true enough friend." Another user said that if the Bible verses were harmless and didn't encourage harmful behavior, there was no reason to complain.




Others, however, suggested a different approach. Upgradedcannonfodder recommended, "You would be within your rights to call in and ask that they not scribble their religion all over your packaging. You cannot demand a refund because somebody wrote their nonsense on your packaging when your food was not tampered with." After reading all the comments, Sbbazzz finally came to a conclusion. Updating her original post, she explained, "Since this blew up and most people thought I would be the *sshole, I did not request a refund or complain to the manager. I can only assume that this is normal for them and I won't be doing business again." Way to go, OP! What a world we live in, where fellow Reddit users can help us solve our urgent moral dilemmas. Happy eating, Sbbazzz.


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