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World's oldest person shares her top tip for long life and it's one we can all take on board

She has 3 children, 11 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. She also survived COVID within a few days of celebrating her 113th birthday.

World's oldest person shares her top tip for long life and it's one we can all take on board
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Sociedad Española de Medicina Geriátrica

The world’s oldest person is a title that has been held by many people over the years. It is a title that symbolizes a life that has been well-lived and a testament to the human spirit. The world's oldest person, Maria Branyas Morera, has given us some great advice on how to live a long, healthy life. Born in San Francisco in 1907, the 115-year-old has lived in the same nursing home in Catalonia, Spain, for the past 22 years, per Guinness World Records. She also opened up on her secrets on a long life and it's an eye-opener.

She has three children, 11 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren and fought off COVID within a few days after celebrating her 113th birthday. Her advice on longevity includes "order, tranquillity, good connection with family and friends, contact with nature, emotional stability, no worries, no regrets, lots of positivity, and staying away from toxic people".



Sister Andre, a French nun, had been the oldest living person in the world until her death. She died at the age of 118. The remarkable woman had a life full of remarkable accomplishments and experiences.



Maria added, "I think longevity is also about being lucky. Luck and good genetics." In 1931, Maria married her husband, a Catalan doctor called Joan Moret. She says they waited hours for the priest to show up, only to find out he had died.



"There was no phone," she said on Twitter. "A car had to go down to Girona to look for an available chaplain. "At that time, in the entire province of Girona, there must have been around 50 cars," she added.



We should take Maria's advice to heart, and learn to appreciate the life we have been given and the people who are part of it. By surrounding ourselves with positive people, engaging in meaningful relationships, and taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically, we can live long, healthy, and content lives. Maria's story is a motivation to us all to be grateful for the life we have been given, no matter how long it may be. We should strive to make the most of our time, appreciate the present moment, and find joy in the simple things. By doing this, we can live a long and fulfilling life, just like Maria did.



As Maria said herself, "Life is not eternal for anyone". It is clear that to live a long, healthy, and content life we must make the most of our time on this earth. We should cherish the moments we have with people who matter and appreciate the beauty of life.

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