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This bed and breakfast lets you literally count sheep to help you sleep better

It was created after a survey revealed that 'visualizing tactics' like counting sheep help people to sleep better.

This bed and breakfast lets you literally count sheep to help you sleep better
Image Source: Emma Sleep Company

A new bed and breakfast in the United Kingdom offers a unique sleeping experience surrounded by sheep. The sleep dome is situated in rural Sussex in a field full of farm animals. It was created by a sleep technology company, and can host just two guests at a time. The dome was built after a study of 2,000 individuals, carried out by OnePoll, revealed that 44% of participants were having difficulty sleeping, according to Good News Network. It was concluded that 21% of those who were studied struggled to sleep due to anxiety about rising prices and the basic cost of living. Another 23% found that worrying about work affected their ability to sleep.

Source: Emma Sleep Company
Source: Emma Sleep Company


Also, 23% of the people reported that their sleep is worse now than ever and 10% revealed they can't remember the last time they slept. To improve their sleeping patterns, 14% of these people tried "visualization tactics" like counting sheep before going to sleep. This new bed and breakfast aims to bring this age-old tactic alive by providing people quality sleep away from the chaos of the city.

The dome has a beautiful double bed that lets you view your surroundings from all angles owing to the transparent walls. People staying at this beautiful place are encouraged to count the sheep as they walk in their paddock. They can do this after dinner and settle into bed. During the day, guests can engage in guided yoga and meals that are entirely locally sourced. Guests will also get the ultimate "Emma Sleep package" to aid a peaceful sleep under the stars.

Source: Emma Sleep Company
Source: Emma Sleep Company


Emma Sleep, a sleep technology business, designed the "Shleep Sanctuary," and it has launched a contest to give two individuals the chance to experience it. Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO of Emma Sleep said, "The power of a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated and it’s clear the nation needs it now more than ever."

He added, "Counting sheep is more than an old wives’ tale—it’s a tried and tested visualization technique that Brits are relying on to send them to sleep. They’re also longing for a serene and peaceful environment to drift off in when they’re struggling to relax, which is incredibly important for sleep quality." The OnePoll analysis also highlighted characteristics that people feel improve their chances of sleeping soundly, such as fresh air and the sound of nature.




Theresa Schnorbach, a sleep scientist at Emma Sleep said, "When practiced regularly, these kinds of exercises have been proven to lower the heart rate by encouraging slower breathing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system."

"Imaginative distraction is also an effective cognitive strategy to help sleep, where you imagine a pleasant and relaxing image in as much detail as you possibly can—like counting fluffy sheep as they jump over a fence." She further added, "The aim is to use as much cognitive capacity as possible so that worrying thoughts are suppressed. Studies show this not only shortens the time it takes to fall asleep but also improves sleep quality."

The "Shleep Sanctuary" will open in the summer of 2023 and you can enter the contest to experience it first through the website.

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