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World's best dad transforms daughter's wheelchair into Cinderella's carriage and it's adorable

Glasgow-based Josh Jaconelli wanted to make his daughter Ava feel special on Halloween this year. After tinkering with her wheelchair a little bit, that's exactly what he did.

World's best dad transforms daughter's wheelchair into Cinderella's carriage and it's adorable

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on November 7, 2019.

When you're disabled as a child, there's a lot you can't do that other kids can. From the games during recess to the equipment in the park, the things that define a traditional childhood can feel out of reach. However, with enough dedication and a little ingenuity, all events can become inclusive and just as fun. When it comes to Halloween, dressing up and going trick or treating is a staple of any childhood. Therefore, when this loving dad was able to transform his daughter's wheelchair into Cinderella's iconic carriage, he probably won the coveted award for World's Best Dad.


Josh Jaconelli, a young father from Glasglow, Scotland, wished to do something special for his 6-year-old daughter Ava. Because she has a very rare genetic malformation, a condition known as Aicardi syndrome, she suffers from seizures and problems with her visions. She also has to use a wheelchair. But Josh wanted to make sure she got to enjoy Halloween just like all her peers could. Confident and unpersuaded, he put his head to it and figured out an inventive way to make little Ava feel super special.


Sourcing some tinsel, plumbing pipe and fairy lights, he started decorating his daughter's wheelchair. After a little bit of tinkering and daddy expertise, he completely transformed the 6-year-old's wheelchair into Cinderella's magical carriage. To Ava, it was as if she got to live in her own real-life fairytale. The wheelchair was even topped with a paper crown to let everyone know that Ava was, in fact, a princess. On the night of Halloween, she put on a beautiful blue dress and looked like Cinderella herself had stepped out of a storybook.


Once his design project was complete, Josh decided to post some photos on social media platform Facebook, where it went viral. Since the photo was first posted, it has received more than 25,000 reactions and 2,200 comments. In addition to this, his post has been shared more than 45,000 times. Needless to say, people are loving it! He stated, "After a lot of work done on a costume, we made our wee princess her carriage and she is away to school for Halloween. Enjoy, princess." And this, folks, is what good parenting looks like. Hats off to this year's World's Best Dad!


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