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Worker says she feels embarrassed at the beginning of a new job and so many find it relatable

Starting to work at a new place can be scary, from dealing with impostor syndrome to worrying about making a good impression.

Worker says she feels embarrassed at the beginning of a new job and so many find it relatable
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @thelizjane

According to the American Psychological Association, on a scale from one to 10, Americans rate their stress level as 4.9. This stress level increases even further when we are about to start a new job. Starting to work at a new place can be scary. From the impostor syndrome to the worries about making a good impression, all come right in. This TikTok user knows about people's anxieties as she is trying to help get it better. Liz Jane (@thelizjane) understands it because she has faced these anxieties too and has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, she is sharing it with us. Her viral video has garnered over 230k views and 19.5k likes. She captioned the video, "Doing new things and meeting new people and being totally out of your element? EMBARRASSING! But the good news is, it won't be for long."

Image Source: @thelizjane
Image Source: @thelizjane


She looks straight into the camera and says, “So I just started a new job, and it feels like everything I do is so embarrassing—walking into the office for the first time, joining a call for the first time, not knowing where anything is, not knowing the terminology, speaking in a call. I just wanna let you know if you’re going through the same thing if you’re starting a new job and you feel embarrassed about absolutely everything, it will pass. You’re gonna learn your job. You’re gonna learn the terminology. You’re gonna meet all these new people. Then you’ll just be as comfortable as everybody else. It’ll be fine.” Her words offered comfort and hope to many people as they thanked her and shared their own experiences.

Image Source: TikTok | @thelizjane
Image Source: TikTok | @thelizjane


She also wrote in the comments section, "A 30-60-90 day plan helps so much!" @itsmsapple commented and shared their own struggles with terminology, "I’m in my job for 11 months and speaking terminologies is embarrassing coz you still don’t know if you mentioning it correctly." @cozy_crybaby wrote, "It took me 6 months to not feel embarrassed about everything. I’m 11 months in and I am just now starting to feel confident." @toronto_Chinoy wished her well, "All the best. You will be ok. Employers who expect someone to be a rockstar on day 1 is insane."

Some even shared their own experiences and agreed with Liz. @yolanda_marie_isabelle commented, "My new company had a 1-year onboard plan. In my 4th month, awkward at first. But yeah you'll get used to it." @queenie wrote, "I am sooo out of my element right now. I just started a new job and feel so lost!" @sissyandkittymom commented, "Meeeeee and it’s my 4th week!!! I exited the division meeting thinking I was not relevant to the meeting anymore but in fact, I was." @ginger_snap95 commented, "Just started in January and striving to talk/think/perform as high level as the rest of my team."

It is indeed a challenging time for most of us and for this reason, it can also be an opportunity for tremendous growth and learning. We can also find friendships with our colleagues and mentorships with our bosses that can last a lifetime. So, wait for the anxiety to pass and the growth to begin!

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