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Worker claims corporate culture isn't designed for introverts to thrive in the workplace

They wrote how they recently realized they always worked well but was at a disadvantage as an introvert.

Worker claims corporate culture isn't designed for introverts to thrive in the workplace
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio; (R) Reddit | u/justavoicewithno

In our culture, introversion is not really appreciated. It likes people who are approachable and on the go. One employee even took to Reddit and shared how workplaces do not favor introverts. u/justavoicewithno started their post with: "I was going to comment on a post, but lost it and basically, the OP was talking about how they were fired during their probation period because a worker didn't like them. I read it as juvenile at first (because it is), but apparently, it's due to failure in culture fit."

They added that they then realized something about their own career. "It then hit me that most of my jobs that I either quit or terminated from were because of that. I'm a good worker and have always been told by upper management, however, I'm an introvert and don't do anything besides work," they shared.

Image Source: Pexels/Photo by John Diez
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Photo by John Diez

They also revealed how they always did their job well but never socialized, which came with a price. "Outside of my first job, I never went to voluntary meetings, work parties that were out of work/office hours, I didn't hang out with coworkers, never accepted friend requests, never went outside of small talk and discussed issues outside of work, etc. I just did my job and left on time or when someone was able to release me. I put my two weeks in on my last job and was emailed how they appreciated my application, but they didn't have any available positions (yet were and are actively hiring for the specific position, location, and hours I applied for)."

Their problems do not end here, as they revealed, "It also doesn't help that I'm neurodivergent, so I suck at social cues. I just want to do what I'm paid for and go home. Edit: I said my piece, and people are missing the point that I would rather have fun on my off time and interact with people in accustomed to rather than snarky coworkers. No, I'm not antisocial, no I don't hate all of my colleagues, and no I'm not a lonely person. I barely want to work at all, so being judged and heavily enforced to use my leisure time to deal with people I'd rather not seems unethical and unprofessional."

People commented on the post and shared their opinions. u/gaargaon shared, "I had a boss who admitted to me that she hired a MUCH LESS qualified graphic designer over a very good experienced one because of her personality." u/dasbleu expressed, "People do it because they believe in charisma. I've seen it, had it happened to me. I have proved myself time and time again on a job, but I am, at best, a social introvert. It gets me hired but not hired up." u/rodriogo_ribaldo shared an insight, "You keep telling yourself that. Some of the most capable people communicate well and can work on their own too. Learn to communicate, it's learnable. Or get sidelined and be miserable."

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