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Worker with broken foot quits after Boss complained they were sitting on the job

The worker had ranked first in performance for the day but it still wasn't enough for the boss who suggested they not sit down.

Worker with broken foot quits after Boss complained they were sitting on the job
Image source: Reddit

Editor's note: This article was originally published on October 18, 2021. It has since been updated.

The pandemic has caused a real shift in worker-employer dynamics with many workers questioning the poor pay and ill-treatment meted out by their bosses. One Reddit user threw in the towel after their boss tried to chastise them for 'sitting' despite having two broken bones. The Redditor shared images of a text conversation where the boss tried to question their commitment despite being ranked first in performance among all employees on that particular day. It turned out the boss just couldn't resist but micromanage and attack the employee for 'sitting down,' describing it as “completely unacceptable behavior.” 



The boss' message read: "I was reviewing the cameras from our shift today and noticed that you were sitting on a stool for the majority of your shift. This is completely unacceptable behavior and we will be discussing it tomorrow before the shift.” The worker wasn't having it and responded with receipts, of their medical report, and performance. “I have 2 broken bones in my left foot (doctor documented),” they messaged back. The worker also highlighted that their performance was actually documented at the station and that they had packed up more units than anyone else on their 12-hour shift despite sitting. The worker then spelled it out so the employer could point out what the issue was. “So, just to be clear — my impressive performance was overshadowed by the fact that I wasn’t uncomfortable enough while doing it?” they asked.



The employer should have apologized but instead, chose to attack them further, now questioning the worker's attitude. "I'm really not appreciating your attitude," replied the boss, before accusing them of being disrespectful. “This type of behavior isn’t going to get you anywhere here,” wrote the boss, in a veiled threat. The worker wasn't one to take insults lying down and play subject for the boss' power trip. “Hey, thanks for wasting my precious off time with some garbage you didn’t bother to investigate beforehand,” they wrote back. “I’m not concerned with going ‘anywhere’ there. It’s a toxic environment with ignorant people at the helm. I won’t be in tomorrow or ever again.”



Watching his best employee quit sent the boss into panic as he tried to salvage the situation. "We don't need to rush to you leaving. Let's talk in the morning and we can sort this out," the boss wrote, trying to be polite and cordial. However, it was too late for that. The employee simply replied. "No Thanks. Have a good life." The worker posted the screenshots on Reddit where it viral.



They gave an update on another Reddit thread, writing. "I’m done being bullied by anyone. I went through horrid abuse as a child and adult. People that want you to be a part of their organization or family will treat you accordingly. People like my former boss and family treat people like they own them, and it’s our responsibility to show them that they absolutely do not." They also added that they were flooded with job offers. 



The worker also called on others to stand up against toxic workplaces. "There are opportunities out there. Don’t settle for being treated as less than human. We are better than that. We are what makes the world go round. It doesn’t matter what they are selling if there is no one to man the stores, answer the phones or take out the garbage. Their dreams hinge on us more so than ours do on them," they wrote, pointing out that companies need workers more than the workers need the companies as the pandemic proved. Many businesses are still fighting worker shortages because they simply refuse to increase the pay or benefits. 


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