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Women share what healthy masculinity looks like to them and the answers are eye-opening

Masculinity has always been a topic of debate among everyone trying to define healthy versions of it and these answers provide a fresh perspective on it.

Women share what healthy masculinity looks like to them and the answers are eye-opening
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Helena Lopes, Reddit/u/suziepie

People are developing into more sophisticated and educated individuals who are weary of their rights, freedoms and so on. The concept of masculinity stands strongly among such concepts. However, due to much injustice and distracting guidelines, people have misunderstood what masculinity truly means. Many have been misled into believing that masculinity is strongly related to being hardcore, macho and tough like a rock. While some of this may be true, many men overdo these aspects making the concept a toxic one. u/Sure_Marsupial8945 called on women to share their thoughts on what healthy masculinity looks like.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Moose Photos
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Moose Photos

Several women shared their perspectives and thoughts on the topic. While many spoke through their experiences, others commented on what they picture an ideal and healthy masculinity to look like. u/francokitty opened by saying masculinity is nowhere close to being hardcore, egoistic and tough. Instead, she wrote, “It is respectful, egalitarian, considerate, kind.” u/brunetteskeleton added to the same by saying, “Being your authentic self and not worrying or caring about your masculinity.” Many people are under the impression that masculinity means being able to do everything, especially physically hard jobs.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Reead
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Reead

However, being strong in one’s strength portrays the truest idea of masculinity. u/suziepie elaborated on the same and said, “Someone who isn't hung up on masculine tropes, who can just be a human being living in their skin and know that who they are is good enough. I don't hold much with needing to pick gendered sides and declare and defend them. Being easy and happy with yourself and how you express yourself without feeling like you have to bend or change to suit anyone else's idea of your gender - and without excluding others who express themselves differently - is really where it's at.”

More responses went one step ahead to add to the concept of masculinity. These elements were the frailer and more empathetic parts, another concept that is overlooked and shunned when it comes to “masculinity.” u/celestialism said, “Using your privilege to help people who have less of it.” u/Master-Try5369 said, “Someone who does not say, ‘boys don’t cry,’ to little boys. And someone who is self-aware.” The next concept of masculinity had a lot to do with voicing the fragile bits. One of the commonly mentioned ones was the concept of self-control and knowing what to say and do in different situations. Men often act impulsively and their behavior is praised under the title of “masculinity.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Biova Nakou
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Biova Nakou

This rad concept was replaced with more thoughtful traits. u/it_monkey_manifesto said, “Knowing you have the strength but not needing to show it. Knowing who you are, your values, your priorities, your heart. Being able to use that knowledge to make your goals but also using those values to show you value others in your life with your time, love, and healthy expression of emotions.” There were also unique traits that women pointed out that can come under a healthy masculinity. u/meekonesfade said, “Being able to buffer with ‘dudes' at car dealerships, with contractors, doctors - advocating for women in spaces where women don't get listened to.” u/sumplmum added, “When they get excited to pick up their nieces/nephews and take pride in being able to horse around with them regardless of size or age. Wholesome fun and good for development of balance and stuff."

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