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Women share 25 hilarious 'that's not how women work' moments

Most of these responses make it abundantly clear that the education system failed many of our fellow humans.

Women share 25 hilarious 'that's not how women work' moments
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It is mindblowing that even today, when we have information on practically every topic imaginable right at our fingertips, there still exist men who make wildly incorrect assumptions about how a woman's body works. Reddit user u/Gamestar02 exposed this in painful detail a couple of months ago when they took to the popular r/AskReddit community with this question: "Women of Reddit, what's your 'that's not how women work' moment?" Thousands of responses flowed in, many of which made it abundantly clear that the education system failed many of our fellow humans.

Here are 25 of the most painfully hilarious response to u/Gamestar02's query:


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"I was on my period and I had horrible cramps. One of my guy friends came over to keep me company but he wasn't really prepared for how much pain I was in. I was crying because it hurt so bad and the poor guy really wanted to help but didn't know what to do so he just suggested that I 'push out all the blood at once because that usually helped him when trying to stop a nosebleed.' After he said that I looked at him like 'wtf' and he said 'what? Doesn't it stop hurting once all the blood is out?' I explained to him what happens to a female body when we get our period and he was just shocked, it kinda cheered me up though because I thought it was hilarious."Concrete_cats


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"An old boyfriend once explained that if I was having cramps, I just needed to do what his ex did: 'There's this one yoga pose that will make that shift in the uterus that usually takes a few days happen in just a few minutes. It drops, and then your period is done in one day instead of four or five.' He couldn't elaborate any further, (what 'shifts'? What 'drops'?) But he swore he was 100% right his ex cut her period down to one day with yoga."trashytamboriney


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"My (female) bff (male) was my date to the prom. Because of my awful luck, I happened to be on my period. As we exited my car, I grabbed a handful of tampons to toss in my clutch and my date asked me 'Omg are you having 8 periods??' Yeah he thought you used 1 tampon per menstrual cycle. If only - the $ I would have saved over the years!"farts_n_darts


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"Had a very amusing conversation with a gentleman once. Dude was confused why we would need pads. He asked why we didn't just go to the toilet more often on our periods. He thought that we were able to hold our period in like you do with pee and pads are only if accidents happen. So his reasoning is that if women would be more careful we wouldn't need menstrual products. Props to him, he was apologetic after I explained it to him and overall respectful."RRay108


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"I'm at the store with my friend stocking up on pads, tampons, etc. As I'm putting boxes in the cart, my friend starts generally complaining about the prices. Understandable, so I agree. We finish up in the aisle and as we're walking away, a full grown 30-something looking man mumbles, 'just hold your pee like everyone else.' We were so taken back that we didn't even say anything. I never realized before this moment how utterly dense some people can be."out_of_nutella_again


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"The best situation I can think of was something a friend of mine said once. His sister was breastfeeding and said something like 'I don't know if I have enough left' to her baby. So my friend kindly suggested that someone else can volunteer and asked me. I said well I'm not lactating, since I don't have a baby and he was honestly shocked to learn that only women who actually gave birth are able to breastfeed. He was convinced every woman just casually has boobs full of breastmilk at all times. He was 25 at that time. I will never forget this."mrl_a


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"I have a friend who works for the state government. She can confirm that some high-ranking dude in our state government thinks that women should just hold in their periods and let it out during their bathroom breaks." — KiraiEclipse


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"Every single time I hear anything even close to 'her vag is loose because of x y z reason' I lose 5 years off of my lifespan."nakamurathrowaway


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