Women list 23 small gestures they wish men did more often

Women list 23 small gestures they wish men did more often

At the root of it, all women need from the men in their lives is for them to be a little kinder and a bit more understanding and attentive.

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It's often the smallest things that make the biggest difference. You don't need big, grand gestures to show someone how much they mean to you. Even a simple hug or a few heartfelt words could go a long way. This is what Reddit user, u/Lordofspades_notgame, highlighted when they turned to the r/AskReddit community with this question: "Girls of Reddit, what are some seemingly small gestures you wish guys did more often?" Thousands of responses flooded the thread, but they all had a few traits in common. Almost every answer indicated that at the root of it, all women need from the men in their lives is for them to be a little kinder and a bit more understanding and attentive. Is that too much to ask?


Here are 23 of the top responses:


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"Literally just remembering stuff. If I say I like something, remember it, bring it up in conversation, use it as a jumping-off point for gifts... just keep little mental notes about things I might like."landshanties 


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"Okay, so it’s small but I genuinely really like it. This guy (romantic Interest) of mine always takes my glass for a refill of whatever I’m drinking when he gets up to get more for himself. I do the same for him in return. It’s something little but never fails to make me smile softly to myself once he’s left the room."doctorduckylucky


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"I love random little gifts to know you are thinking about me. Nothing big, but a little note, a favorite candy bar, some flowers from the garden. They can go a long way."whamanraman 


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"Introduce me to people immediately (my fiancé always does this and I wish more partners did). If he knows them, it's always 'hey X, this is my fiancé Y' and if he’s just meeting them too, it’s 'hi I'm X and this is my fiancé Y.' It immediately welcomes me into the conversation (no awkward standing around while they talk), lets people know we're together, and is helpful because I can be shy/reserved."_tokyosmoke_ 


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"For guys who are friends/associates who are seeking Platonic relationships- I like when you include my boyfriend in a conversation that you have with me. It immediately shows that you want to be friendly to both of us, and minimizes any concerns I have about your potential interest in me (because it comes across as bitchy if I say 'I have a boyfriend,' when I don’t know your intentions). More importantly, my boyfriend also likes friendship. We can all do friendship together."aliteralbagof_dicks 


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"Physical affection without a lead to sexual interaction. I just want to hold hands, be held, have my hair played with, etc. I am starved and feel so alone."xSinityx 


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"Something my bf does is the dishes or makes the bed. I'll be at work and come home to things cleaned up. Or when he leaves a card somewhere in the house for me or on my car window. The little things matter. Especially when you don't have to ask. He is the only boyfriend o have ever had that does the little things and I'm in my 30s lol. All the prior ones just had sex and played video games."JoJoBee7


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