Women reveal all the things they'd love to do if men had a curfew and it's an eye-opener

Women reveal all the things they'd love to do if men had a curfew and it's an eye-opener

The women responding to the Twitter thread said they just wanted to free from the fear of being attacked.

We live in a patriarchal world, where women can't even step out for a walk at night without the threat of being assaulted, raped, or killed looming over them. A YouGov poll revealed that 86% of women aged between 18 and 24 have been the victim of sexual harassment, reported The Guardian. It could take years, decades, or even centuries before women feel safe to go out at night without fear looming over them. Danielle Muscato, the host of the #Resist Podcast, asked Twitter what women would do if men had a curfew and the answers are an eye-opener and heartbreaking. A majority of the replies were just women wanting to do the most simple things including taking a walk at night, listening to music, not having to hold keys between their fingers, and to put it plainly, to just exist without the fear of being attacked.



The Twitter thread went viral and Muscato, who's a trans woman, was overjoyed at the response. “I was thrilled to see it getting so much attention — lots of cis men responded too, and I think that’s great,” Muscato told The Daily Dot. “A number of people really seemed genuinely shocked at the kinds of mental exhaustion women have to endure every day just navigating our lives, in ways that cis men simply can’t understand because it doesn’t exist in their world.”

Here are some of the tweets that we across:



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