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Women decide to give their girls' night a 'wedding' twist and the result is winning hearts

Every bride longs to get back into her wedding attire and feel special all over again. These women have rightly aced this idea.

Women decide to give their girls' night a 'wedding' twist and the result is winning hearts
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle

Every bride falls in love with her wedding dress and nothing makes her feel more special than to be dolled up in the same attire. Even after the wedding is over, many brides save a piece of their wedding gowns or sometimes even the entire wedding dress. They come up with many ideas to reuse the jewelry or the dress after their wedding. However, Payal Desai (@payalforstyle) took things up a notch with her girls and decided to have a wedding-themed girl’s night and the women couldn’t have been happier. The Instagram video captured how they got into that excitement and enthusiasm all over again, thanks to their stunning attire.

Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle
Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle

“This month’s girls’ night theme was ‘Weddings,'’' the woman said. Six girls are seen in the video wearing heavy, sparkly and gorgeous wedding attire. While four of the women flaunted their lehengas and authentic Indian bridal wear, two of their friends pulled off the western traditional wedding gown flawlessly. “Our wedding dresses have been collecting dust, so we decided to throw them on because, why not?” the woman said. The women are gracefully seen adorning themselves with vibrant attire and helping each other as well. “It was so fun sharing stories and memories of our special day,” the woman added. As each woman flaunted her bridal wear in unique ways, one could tell that there was so much nostalgia and emotion held in those breathtaking outfits.

Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle
Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle

The women took the wedding-themed night up a notch and decided to have a traditional bouquet toss as well. Brides have bouquet tosses as a sign of good luck and to determine who the next bride may be. However, since all the women in the video were married, they amusingly decided to make the tradition fun. “Whoever caught the bouquet supposedly means you’re having a baby,” Desai said. They also had other wedding items to add to their themed night. One of which the woman captured in the video was a wedding-themed cake. There were mini cakes decorated with layers, glitter and ribbon to represent ideal wedding cakes. In the caption, the woman added more details. She mentioned that she wore her wedding reception lehenga and not her traditional saree.

Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle
Image Source: Instagram| @payalforstyle

She also added, “10/10 recommendation! Such a fun night and because these girls are my ‘met in my mid-30s’ post kids, girlfriends, none of us knew each other’s wedding stories!” Several women were in awe of the idea and couldn’t wait to try it. While single women dream of having married friends and a wedding-themed girls’ night out, others are set to begin planning. @jbjudosamfletch tagged her friends and said, “This will be us in several years.” @mama_cupie said, “You and your friends have impeccable taste.” @pedsdoctalk said, “Mine is in my parent's house in California, but I'm gonna need a shipment as soon as possible!” @trishabatrapatel said, “I’m obsessed.” @lovelaughmirch said, “I love this idea.” @mamajotes said, “So fun! Those cakes looked so good.” @beautifullysavedsilvia said, “What a cute idea! I will need to try this.”

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