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Women finally answer 15 burning questions that men are too afraid to ask them directly

There are many things that men are still clueless about regarding women and these questions are the proof.

Women finally answer 15 burning questions that men are too afraid to ask them directly
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images/ izusek (representative), (R)Reddit/u/OSUfirebird18

In today's world, there are endless sources of information available at our fingertips. However, despite the vast amount of data, some things still remain unclear to us. For instance, men often find it challenging to understand women due to their unique experiences and perspectives. As a result, they may hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification on certain issues related to women. Reddit user u/SlenderBacon449 started a thread as a platform for men to seek answers to questions they feel uncomfortable about. The thread has over 20.5k comments where women answered some of these questions.

Here are 15 of the most interesting questions and their answers:

1. A 'dead bedroom'

Reddit user u/Organic-Ad9474 asked women: "What are some things that contribute to a dead bedroom in a long-term relationship and what might men do to resolve those issues?"

Several women replied to him and the top-voted answer from u/thayaht advises men to "make a list" of chores around the house and do them. "Assuming she's got her hands full with a job or kids and isn't sitting around waiting for nail polish to dry, open your eyes or do some research into what it takes to make a household run and just start carrying your own weight. If you're a partner, you're more than a helper," they added.

2. A period stain

Reddit user u/Bunnyisgod asked the question most men are afraid to ask: "What to do when a period stain is showing and you seem oblivious to it?"

Most women agreed that they would want someone to tell them and one user, u/rebirth542, even suggested, "Honestly if I was in this situation—I would be so incredibly and pleasantly surprised if a guy not only came to tell me but came with a solution. Like a hoodie to tie around my waist or a way to provide me with some cover to lessen the embarrassment. I would remember that person gratefully forever. No joke."

Image Source: Getty Images/toncd32
Image Source: Getty Images/toncd32

3. The pockets

One Reddit user u/MJLDat simply asked, "Do you want pockets in clothing?" and there seemed to be a unanimous answer summarised by u/wheredMyArmourGo who wrote, "ALL of them. Literally. Pockets in shirts, hoodies, sweaters, ALL pants, multiple pockets in pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, hell- put them in socks too why not? I. Want. Pockets."

4. A good memory

Reddit user u/shanster925 asked, "How do you remember that annoying thing we did that one time 6 years ago, why did you just bring it up?"

Reddit user u/J33P88 had the best answer and commented, "Because it was deeply hurtful to me and you brushed it off or weren't completely honest with me about it. I know it and I want the whole truth, or I want you to acknowledge my feelings. Some combination of these things probably."

Image Source: Getty Images/Janina Steinmetz
Image Source: Getty Images/Janina Steinmetz

5. Not making the first move

Reddit user u/shawnglade commented, "Do girls expect to be kissed? Like she's dropping mad hints that she's into me but I'm nervous to make a move over fear that it's not what she wants."

u/AnnoyinglyEarnest responded: "If you're picking up hints but you're not sure, I'd ask 'can I kiss you?' as smoothly as possible and she'll clarify whether that's okay or not. If she's offended by you asking for consent, she's immature and that's not on you."

6. Vulnerable men

Reddit user u/SlenderBacon449 asked, "Do you guys like it when men show vulnerability?"

A majority of women agreed that they do like men who show their true and real emotions. Reddit user u/HilariouslyGolden commented, "YES YES YES! It's important that we normalize men showing emotions and accepting that it's okay to be vulnerable."

7. What are periods?

Reddit user u/MaoZade-ong was curious and he asked, "With periods is it a gush, a small leak, or more of a drip every so often" to which several women replied that it is a combination of all three.

Reddit user u/randominternetuser46 gave a detailed answer that reads: "It depends on the woman AND the period. Contrary to popular belief a period is not just a period. They can be easy, hard, heavy, painful, absent, light, etc. And most girls have different ones randomly. So you'll bleed usually the same every cycle but diet, stress and hormones can alter it."

8. Why do women smell nice?

Reddit user u/OSUfirebird18 asked, "I've always wondered this, women always smell pleasant. Like noticeably pleasant. Like guys either smell bad or neutral. Is this an active choice always? I guess do you try to make yourself smell noticeably good all the time?"

u/GaimanitePkat replied: "I think women's products in general have nicer smells? Like the joke about women's body products having scents like 'gentle mist of meadow' and 'tropical heavenly paradise' and 'sparkling champagne dreams' and men's are 'FROST. BLAST. SPORT. OIL CHANGE. GUN.'"

Image Source: Getty Images/Anastasiia Krivenok
Image Source: Getty Images/Anastasiia Krivenok

9. Lying about emotions

Reddit user u/shadowsquid2608 commented, "Why do some of you women lie about being upset? Like when I ask my [girlfriend] what's wrong when she is clearly upset she usually says nothing. Why?"

u/AutomaticCupcake33 responded: "Sometimes it's because I know I shouldn't be upset and really don't want to be and don't want to burden my partner with my annoying feelings. Sometimes it's because I'm still mad and feel like stewing a little longer. Often it's because I'll cry if we get into the problem and I don't want to lose the fragile illusion of control I'm fooling myself with lol."

10. Sexual arousal

Reddit user u/Zenith_K asked, "Do you randomly get sexually aroused in public for no reason at all like men? And if so, does it die down quickly?"

u/biwaterbender answered, "Yes to random arousal, depends on the situation how fast it dies down. Sometimes I get randomly horny at work and then just sit there and fantasize about raunchy things - takes longer to die down that way lol."

Image Source: Getty Images/Sadeugra
Image Source: Getty Images/Sadeugra

11. Granny panties

"Is it true a woman actually keeps at least two pairs of granny panties? I was told every woman at least does," asked u/RapidCorrus.

Reddit user u/Nouveaucola answered, "I know I have some older ugly underwear for shark week. They aren't tight on your bloated stomach and if they get stained it doesn't matter."

12. The tampon question

Reddit user u/CaroleBaskinBad said, "How uncomfortable is it to wear a tampon? How do you know when you have to change it? Do you get some internal sensation that lets you know when it's time to replace it? Do you time it? How do you know?"

u/whatevernamedontcare replied, "If you feel [the] tampon after insertion something is wrong. Rest is trial and error but you can't wear tampon longer than 8 hours. Most of my friends make that 6 or less to be safe."

Image Source: Getty Images/	Delmaine Donson
Image Source: Getty Images/ Delmaine Donson

13. Long acrylic nails

Reddit user u/crimson-ink asked a question even most women have wondered. He asked, "How do girls with those long acrylic nails wipe themselves clean in the bathroom?"

u/rivlet answered, "As someone who had long nails and had to take out contacts, you learn to use your finger pads rather than your nails or fingertips. It's about angle and pressure."

14. Striped bras

"Ok, I go to the gym and see women wear these sports bras that have like 10 straps. While I think that is a cool style I wonder how they put it on and not get tangled in the straps!?" asked u/throwawayjt2022.

Reddit user u/peppermint-latte responded, "Totally get tangled in them sometimes, but you initially kind of bunch them together."

Image Source: Getty Images/Catherine Falls Commercial
Image Source: Getty Images/Catherine Falls Commercial

15. Platonic friends

"When platonic friends with a man, do you want to be treated exactly how he treats his male friends, in terms of tone, the inside jokes and the way time is spent or is there an expectation to be treated differently as a woman?" asked u/Slarein.

u/azuari had a perfect answer, replying: "I just want to be approached naturally, and not much different than you would approach a male friend. In my personal experience though, I do expect more boundaries when it comes to sex jokes or physical contact. otherwise, please treat a female friend like any other friend and respect what she says she is comfortable with."

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