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Woman's simple yet extremely effective way to save water is inspiring people: 'Dump it out'

The woman suggests her followers make good use of all the plastic water bottles they see lying on the roads.

Woman's simple yet extremely effective way to save water is inspiring people: 'Dump it out'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @spreadyourdreams

Human beings have caused harrowing damage to natural resources. People have been so selfish in the use of these resources that now their survival and sustenance are in jeopardy. As per the World Resource Institute, 25 countries in the world are facing water scarcity at the moment. It has become the need of the hour that humans enter into a collaborative effort to protect and nurture resources like water. Every effort, small or big, counts in this endeavor. Kati—who goes by @spreadyourdreams on TikTok—suggests a great way to for anyone to make a difference on a personal level. The method is easy to do and won people's hearts instantly, resulting in more than 3 million views.

Image Source: TikTok/@spreadyourdreams
Image Source: TikTok | @spreadyourdreams

The video shows how people can keep the water "in the system" with a small step. The woman took a water bottle and went on to share how she was going to empty it in the soil to complete her objective. She explained, "I'm on this quest to dump out any water that gets trapped in the plastic because once it's trapped in these plastic bottles, we now have lost it basically forever." The water inside the bottles will not become part of the cycle, rendering them useless as they were neither used by humans nor did they go back to the environment. For the sake of the future, she requested her viewers, "It's really important when you see water that's been discarded to open it up and dump it out."

Image Source: Instagram/@spreadyourdreams
Image Source: TikTok | @spreadyourdreams

The woman does not stop just on the water she asks people to follow the same method for sports drinks and soups. She suggested that if they are not going to use them, they should dump them on the earth. Along with flavors, they also have water, which could add to the cycle. It is a very simple step that does not require people to go anywhere. They do not need to go to the sea or ocean to complete the task. All they need is a little bit of soil, which is easily available in their surroundings.

Container Recycling Institute revealed in their data that, on average, people in the USA throw away 60 million plastic water bottles every day. All of these bottles are a chance to give back to the environment and replenish its water reservoir. Every person can contribute to this endeavor from the comfort of their home.

Image Source: TikTok/@alyssa27beech
Image Source: TikTok | @alyssa27beech
Image Source: TikTok/@notvictoriapohl1
Image Source: TikTok | @notvictoriapohl1

The comment section appreciated this suggestion and the impact it could have on the planet. @simplysarah98 was shocked how she did not think of this before and wrote, "Not me teaching the water cycle today but never thinking about this." @rachelokekee felt glad that this suggestion was finally gaining mainstream attention and commented, "I've thought about this every day since I learned about the water cycle and this video makes me feel so validated." @theythem930 further shared the advantages of this method and wrote, "0.5% of earth's water is assessable fresh water and by doing this, we can make sure it stays in the water cycle and doesn't get trapped."

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