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Woman's question about late career change prompts a series of wholesome responses from people

Switching professions is a big step that requires a lot of confidence, which is why it's always a good idea to ask for people's perspectives.

Woman's question about late career change prompts a series of wholesome responses from people
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andre Furtado, X | @not_a_heather

At some point in our lives, we have all pivoted away from the profession we initially thought we were meant to be doing. Some people are lucky enough to have encountered this diversion on the road early on in their lives, but not everyone is that lucky. Some people might realize this stereotypically late, like when they're in their late twenties. In a tweet recently posted on X by Anna Livia (@not_a_heather), she asked people a question. She asked, "Are you allowed to decide you don't like your career and you want a different one even if you're 28 years old?"


She then proceeded to explain the reason behind her sudden wondering about this and what she believed her problem was. She said that the reason why this is such a huge problem is because she believes all these career pivot ideas to be a little in the wind. For instance, one of her career pivot ideas is to own a used book store. She also gives her readers more context by telling them that she currently has quite a safe and stable career. The reason for that is that her family had a lot of financial issues when she was younger, which led to her parents pushing her to settle into a career that ensured her financial stability. Since Livia didn't have a lot of money as a child, she is terrified of financial instability. That is why she says she never really prioritised her actual interests and passions.


A lot of people replied to her stating their suggestions and opinions, which tremendously helped her. Sandro (@alessandro_ajm) said, "My mom was an English teacher until her late 40s, when she decided she wanted to be a nurse instead. She studied during the pandemic and now works at a hospital in Baltimore in the labor and delivery unit." Another user, Archer Sloane (@fincheideregret), suggested, "Friend of my mom's was a paralegal and hated it, went to vet school at 35. Did that for 30 years and had plenty of careers. I know plenty of other people who changed careers in their 40s. Do whatever you want."


David Elikwu (@Delikwu) said, "You can change at any time and it can be the best thing ever. Just pursue whatever you do earnestly. I cut hair at a barber shop. Then did private security. Prepared to join the army. Taught myself design. Then was a marketer. Then did consulting. Then weasled into Google. Then did corporate law. I built a travel company. I sold African coffee and Tuscan wine. Then got into tech. Now people ask what I do and I usually say I'm a writer." Another reader, Kaia Sunni (@sunniflowa), earnestly advised, "Choosing to stay with something you don’t like anymore just because it’s stable is worse than taking a leap of faith into something you may enjoy. Always choose what your heart says, but do it wisely and be strategic."


She concluded her series of tweets by thanking everyone who allowed her an insight into this area and said, "I began my career in a field where I never knew anyone who ever changed to anything else, so I never got these perspectives." She was overwhelmed and grateful to hear all these stories before she decided to turn off the responses.


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