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Woman's priceless advice inspires people to never give up even after many setbacks

Woman gives out empowering advice on why failure should not stop people from trying and that they should avoid giving up.

Woman's priceless advice inspires people to never give up even after many setbacks
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth

Failure should not be considered the end but can always serve as a stepping stone to growth. Experiencing failure can be very helpful for individuals because it offers valuable lessons and insights. Instagram creator Anna Kai (@maybeboth) shared an important video highlighting how people should change their perspective on failures. The video has got 612K views and 57,662 likes on the social media platform.

Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth
Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth

The woman starts the video by saying, "You know, the older I get, the more that I realize that nobody is actually a failure." Instead, she pointed out how some people had a tendency to quit right before they found success. Kai gives a few examples to support her view. First, she shares how her parents chose not to give up on coming to the US, even after getting their application rejected four times. Because on the fifth attempt, they succeeded.

Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth
Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth

Similarly, Kai revealed that if she had decided to quit content creation after one or two years of starting it, she would have never known about the success that awaited her in the third year. Finally, the creator shared that she was about to stop dating when she was 27 years old but chose to continue and ended up meeting her husband a year later. She says, "Because sometimes giving up is easier than holding on to hope."

Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth
Image Source: Instagram | @maybeboth

She moves on to the main point she wants to convey to people who were repeatedly failing. Kai says, "Maybe you're only failing because your success isn't ready for you yet." The woman goes on to point out how no great story ever started with people immediately finding success at everything that they did. She also states, "Your failures and how you overcame them could be the reason that someone else decides not to quit on their dreams."

Kai wishes that people realize how they had the power to make their failures temporary or permanent this year. She concludes by hoping that people always choose to make it temporary. People appreciated the woman's honest advice and shared their opinions in the comments section. @ievakanc said, "Thank you. This really gave me some motivation to move forward."

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A year back, American football legend Tom Brady spoke about his parenting approach with co-host Jim Gray during an episode of "Let's Go," as reported by TODAY. He said, "In life, you try a lot of things and you fail. It's a part of life." The quarterback explained how people could really focus their efforts on doing something new and still fail. He highlighted how people should learn and grow from it rather than feeling too bad about it. He added, "I don't want it to go right for my kids all the time."

Brady told his kids that he wanted them to fail at some things so they could observe how they responded to setbacks in life. He shared how life was not going to be a "smooth ride" and how there would be many challenges along the way. When asked if his children were afraid to fail, he said, "I think naturally it's probably hard for everyone in our society right now to feel like you can fail or you can say the wrong thing. There are heavy repercussions to even admitting that you failed." He also clarified that he was fine with his kids failing as long as they gave their best effort.

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