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Woman's pet cockatoo has no chill while ruthlessly roasting her new song: 'So annoying. God.'

We adore our pets and want to take care of them in all possible ways. But it makes for an interesting story when your pet does not appreciate your music.

Woman's pet cockatoo has no chill while ruthlessly roasting her new song: 'So annoying. God.'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Mindyour

We adore our pets and want to care for them in all possible ways. We live with them and share almost everything with them. But what will happen when your pet does not appreciate your music? In a video uploaded to Reddit by u/mindyour, a musician's bird did not like the music she created. The post is captioned, "Her cockatoo has had enough of her singing for the day." At the beginning of the video, we see a woman playing a melodious tune on her piano. In just a few seconds, we hear a bird making a scratching noise. Even the text overlay on the video reads, "When your bird hates your new song."

Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour

Then we hear in the bird's voice, "Why you play it? I don't like it. It is annoying. So annoying. God." The musician continues singing for a bit and the subtitle states: "I would not fly to you. You broke my leg." Soon, we see the singer laughing at her bird's reaction. "Well, I guess you do not want to be quiet. I don't like the song, be quiet," the sassy bird adds. All this time, we see the singer laughing while playing her music.

This video received a lot of love on the internet, with 4.4k upvotes and many comments. Reddit user @One_Payment_5650  commented, "Bird learned all that drama from someone!" u/Obshideyourmom commented, "Omg when the bird said, hurts my soul very slow and condescending was too much for me lol... bird blasted her lol." @Danksfourthememes, "That bird has no chill. What a fu**ing savage. On another note, the singing was quite beautiful. At least someone in the house has a nice voice."

u/blueoasis32 wrote, "Haha. I have an African Grey. As soon as I saw this video I knew he was going to do her dirty. You really have to watch what you say around these little f***ers. They pick up stuff quickly! And know when to drop it!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour

Reddit user u/Ben_Stro also explained how this bird could talk: "Cockatoos are incredibly intelligent, but in this case, you can't say for sure. It's definitely copying to be social, but it may or may not understand the meaning behind the words. It probably knows the context to use them but might not know what each word means."

Even when they are not on their best behavior sometimes pets make our lives worth living. They bring warmth, happiness and love to our life. In another pet-related story, Angela Rafuse experienced this after her 85-year-old grandfather's passing, which left his cat, Mackenzie, without a home. Rafuse was inspired by this experience as she realized that there are many pets out there who were rendered homeless after their elderly caregiver passed away, reported Good News Network.


As none of Rafuse's family members could take on the responsibility, she decided to adopt the calico cat herself. At the time, she had relocated to her parent's residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia, following a difficult breakup and started residing in the basement with the cat. This experience inspired Rafuse to establish a nonprofit organization named "My Grandfather's Cat" in 2021, which helps senior citizens who are terminally ill or looking to move into a retirement home find homes for their dogs and cats through adoption. What a great initiative!

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