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Woman's ingenious plan to deal with troublesome neighbor eventually leads to him moving out

Tired of being constantly disturbed and violated by the new neighbor, she decided to take the matter in her own hands.

Woman's ingenious plan to deal with troublesome neighbor eventually leads to him moving out
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Petty revenge sometimes might result in utmost comfort. People often feel they need to justify their actions, especially when it comes to revenge, but Reddit user u/iNomNomAwesome disagrees. She believes if someone is making a nuisance in your daily life, you are more than justified to kick them out by any means necessary. It is exactly what the woman did with her intruding neighbor. After being bothered by him a few times, she decided to make his life difficult in the neighborhood with constant complaints. Even though many might feel that scuffles should stay in the confines of the said neighborhood, she did not care when it came to her payback.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Timur Weber
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Timur Weber

At the beginning of the post, the woman explained in detail her living situation. She proudly states that she is in her late 20s and has managed to build a life with which she is satisfied. She loves "peace and quiet" and therefore, chose to live alone. She also adores her neighborhood as its features suit her needs. It has separate houses with no yards. Since there are no yards to take care of, she does not need to spend any energy or money on maintaining the "look" of the house.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Los Muertos Crew
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Los Muertos Crew

Also, she was satisfied with her neighbors as everyone minded their own business and there was no attempt at interaction. Things changed when a man with many little kids moved into the neighborhood. The woman was already a bit irritated by the move, as she personally has no liking for kids. As long as there was no contact, she figured it would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, she was wrong.


For a while, everything was fine, she went through the routine as always, but then the man began making his presence felt. First came his truck at the motor court, then he set up lawn chairs in front of other garages, and then his kids made the driveway their playground. All the neighbors had to be extremely careful while moving their cars so as not to run over anyone. He also began trying to interact with her when she went anywhere in her car. As someone who did not like mingling, she firmly ignored his waving, but he was persistent. He also involved his kids, asking them to wave at her.

After some time, the man got irritated by the way she ignored his kids and tried to confront her. He tried to get a hold of her in her garage and home but failed both times. The last straw came when he tried to block her way with his kids as they crossed the driveway. She had to honk her horn at them three times to make him move his kids. Not being able to withstand this neighbor's nonsense anymore, she decided to venture out and get the authorities involved.

Image Source: Reddit | u/LibraryMouse4321
Image Source: Reddit | u/LibraryMouse4321

The whole neighborhood is under the Homeowners Association (HOA). As a part of HOA, there were certain rules that all the residents had to abide by, even though many, including the woman herself, did not take them seriously. There was an unspoken agreement between the neighbors not to report each other for every small mistake to HOA, but she chose to forego this agreement and began complaining against the man for every little mistake he made. Her first report was for his parking at the motor court, then his lawn chairs in front of garages, and then about his kids playing in the driveway. As a household of so many kids, it was difficult for them to abide by every rule and finally, the man had to move with his family.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Number1DogMom
Image Source: Reddit | u/Number1DogMom


Image Source: Reddit/u/LibraryMouse4321
Image Source: Reddit | u/LibraryMouse4321

People in the comment section shared their own neighbor stories. u/Suitable_Warning3609 wrote about his lovely experience, "I had a neighbor I never spoke to. The first time we did was cause he brought in a package left at the door for me (we lived in apartments). Thanked him and told him I'd do the same if he liked it. That was it. We just knocked when we had a package, no small talk just here you go. I was glad to be home when what looked like a laptop came in for him." u/denimadept emphasized the importance of boundaries, "Good fences make good neighbors."

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