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Woman's iconic response to man sending her explicit messages has impressed the internet

The woman put a man in his place when he offered to send her an explicit video.

Woman's iconic response to man sending her explicit messages has impressed the internet
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Mart Production; X | @SallyAnn_Spence

Most women have dealt with creepy men on the internet at least once. Anyone who came across such creeps knows that such an experience is unpleasant, at the  very least. Although most people advise you to block and report such a person and move on with life, sometimes you have to get back at them. Sally, a researcher and founder of Dung Beetles for Farmers (@DungBeetleFarms)—who goes by @sallyAnn_Spence on X—got back to a man who constantly sent her explicit messages. Her response might make the man think a hundred times before sending unwanted messages to any other person.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ivan
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ivan

The guy sent her messages like "I am single" and "Would you like to talk to me," persistently and explicitly. "I would like to send you a film of what you make me feel," the man texted. Sally told him not to do it. When he asked why she didn't want to see it, she replied like a true icon. She wrote, "Because I've spent all day ripping the tiny p****es out of beetles for identification and I really can't be bothered to look down a microscope at yet another one." True to her word, she is "Passionate about dung beetles." The man later stated, "You are not a very nice lady" and blocked her. Well, he probably didn't expect the tables to turn like that.


People took to the comments section to comment on the woman's wit. @newfunalian wrote, "I was just scrolling, reading and BWHAHAHA. You are a true role model, a superwoman and a human being. Thank you for your kind of awesome! My crikey, this is the best example of why they should listen when we say, 'Please do not send me whatever the ick...' I may use this as my own in DMs on occasion if you are ok with becoming a LEGEND!" @CathCastner commented, "You have no idea how much that made me laugh and how much I needed it."


@bigpclongterm remarked, "That was the best exchange of this type I've ever seen. Sorry, you experienced this, but thanks for showing me one way to manage it effectively. Way to incorporate your research into your response, too!" @MadameQcat shared, "At first, I thought that was just a really creative putdown, but then I checked your bio and saw that you actually do work with beetles. Legendary."  


In another similar story, a woman shared how she deals with men sending her unsolicited pictures of their private parts. She explained how whenever she gets an unsolicited picture, she saves it and then forwards it to someone else who had sent her a picture as an exchange. Shauna Dewit–who goes by @shaunadewit on TikTok–revealed how most men who send her unwanted pictures are repulsed when she sends one back. "I just do the same as you do! If you send your peepee to a girl, you must think it's beautiful because you wouldn't send something ugly to a girl," the woman said pointing out the hypocrisy behind it.

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