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Woman’s hilarious attempt to save husband’s life in a ‘made-up fire’ leaves him in splits

Lee kept attempting to save her husband from a made-up building fire but failed repeatedly. One time, she couldn't breathe as she was stuck underneath her husband during her futile attempts.

Woman’s hilarious attempt to save husband’s life in a ‘made-up fire’ leaves him in splits
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your partner became unconscious during a fire or a disaster? Jony Lee and her husband did think about it and the outcome turned out to be hilarious. Lee posted an Instagram video in which she is seen trying to practice "ranger roll" on her husband while he pretended to be unconscious in a made-up building fire. The video begins with Lee saying to the camera, “My husband thinks I would be completely useless if he ever became unconscious because I wouldn’t be able to carry him out of danger.”

Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee
Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee

Meanwhile, her husband is seen lying on the ground with his eyes shut. Lee continued, “But I just learned how to ranger roll.” As soon as she held her husband’s leg he opened his eyes and told her, “You can’t set me up.” She responded, “Wait, wait, wait. Let me think about this.” She then locked one of her legs below his leg and tried to roll him out of the carpet. He cautioned her, “Don’t rip my pants.” Lee failed hilariously in her first attempt as after the first roll, she couldn’t even move him.

Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee
Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee

She tried again by saying, “Scissor” and after one roll she was stuck below her husband’s feet. Lee laughed and said, “We’ll just die in this burning building together.” Her husband replied, “This is so sad.” As she started her third attempt, Lee’s husband motivated her by saying, “Use the adrenaline.” After rolling him twice, she began to shout, “Wait! Wait!” This time, she was stuck under her partner’s body. He asked her, “Can you breathe?” He laughed, pushed her out and said, “You are gonna die.”

Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee
Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee

The fourth time, she came running and removed a chair that she had staged over her husband's face and exclaimed, “Oh no! You are in danger.” She said, “Scissor” while she was trying to roll him for the umpteenth time. She was able to roll him twice and she almost brought him into a position where she had to carry him on his shoulders but she couldn't move. They ended the act and she asked him, “Are you proud?” He raised his thumb up and then they shook hands. After this, she said on camera, “And that’s how I‘d save him from a burning building.”

Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee
Image Source: Instagram | @jonymlee

The hilarious video was captioned, “Newest skillset: Ranger roll” and garnered four million views. People found Lee's attempts funny. @jeijeimiy commented, “Correction: That's how I die with him in a burning building.” @discovereverycorner wrote, "I love how announcing the word is supposed to activate the power ‘adrenaline,’ ‘scissor.’” @your_infitness shared, “My wife after watching this was like, ‘Nah, you dead already. I’m getting ready to be a hot widow at your funeral.’” @manunoailles said, “She's wrestling an unconscious guy, and losing.” @sasszilla11 commented, “Great now I gotta go work out because now I’m going to hyper-fixate on the fact that in a fire, I’m going to have to save my husband and have enough time to grab all the animals.”

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