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Woman's elaborate PPT on why it's impossible to find a dream finance guy is downright hilarious

The woman took up the challenge of finding the probability of a 'dream guy' who works in finance with a trust fund.

Woman's elaborate PPT on why it's impossible to find a dream finance guy is downright hilarious
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

Many women wish to marry the person of their dreams. They look for partners with certain qualities that differ from person to person. Recently, if you are a frequent social media user, the sound of "Looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6'5, blue eyes" must sound familiar to your years. The 'Song of the Summer' was created by Megan Boni and quickly became popular among women looking for a tall and financially stable guy. However, Rae—who goes by @maxedoutmommy on TikTok—ran some numbers on the probability of finding this “dream guy." The process was so tedious that she had to create a PowerPoint presentation with statistics to explain to her husband why it’s almost impossible to find a guy like that.

Image Source: TikTok|@maxedoutmommy
Image Source: TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

As she lay the challenge of the 5 traits, she remarked, “Can she do it? Let’s look at the numbers.” With an intriguing presentation, Rae mentioned that there were over 100 million men over the age of 18 in the US. “That is about 48.2% of the population. I want you to remember that number,” she exclaimed. While the odds seem good, the following statistics were shocking. After running the numbers, Rae learned that only over 1.7 million men from the 100 million work in the desired section of finance.

Image Source: TikTok|@maxedoutmommy
Image Source: TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

The next trait was that of a trust fund and to the horror of many, only 1.2% of Americans possessed a trust fund. “That’s only 21k men who have a trust fund,” Rae added. With each analysis, the woman ensured that her PowerPoint retained the necessary figures on the screen. The presentation, with her defense and information, was nothing short of that of a business meeting. “Here’s the real problem, Ryan, 6’5”. Do you know how tall that is?” she asked her husband. “Not many people are 6’5,” her husband pointed out. Agreeing with him and entering the next set of numbers, Rae highlighted, “No. Only 0.1% of men are 6’5” or more in the US. This is a real killer one.”

Image Source: TikTok|@maxedoutmommy
Image Source: TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

She further explained that out of the 0.1%, those matching the preferences were only a handful of 21 men in the entire US. Concerning the last factor, Rae mentioned that it was the beacon light. “There are more men in the US with blue eyes than in other parts of the world. There’s 27% of people that have blue eyes, so that narrows us down to 6 men,” she confidently explained. She successfully calculated that 6 men in the US worked in finance, had a trust fund, were 6’5” and had blue eyes. “But we forgot to add whether they’re single.”

Image Source: TikTok|@ukareitboeck
Image Source: TikTok | @lukasreitboeck
Image Source: TikTok|@janapierce
Image Source: TikTok | @janapierce

Rae shared the fact that 29% of working men are single. However, when compared to all the other data, only an excruciating count of 2 men in the US matched the conditions. It was a laugh riot for many who saw Rae run the numbers. @davidjones.55 added to the hilarious atrocity and said, “And one of them is 55 and the other is 73,” ruling out all possibilities of finding a man. @thefullcarbongetup exclaimed, “That’s not how statistics work, but I get the point.”

@maxedoutmommy Assuming normal distribution across the board, assuming i.i.d.…its not looking good @Girl On Couch #summersong #finance #trustfund #remix ♬ original sound - Rae | Unhinged PowerPoints


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