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Woman's best friend has the most emotional and heartwarming reaction to meeting her newborn

Best friends are the ones who always show up to support you on your darkest days and celebrate all your milestones with you.

Woman's best friend has the most emotional and heartwarming reaction to meeting her newborn
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @brontehendricks

Kids bring so much joy along with them and every video on the internet involving kids sharing a sweet moment with their peers, siblings or parents is proof of it. Bronte Hendricks (@brontehendricks on Instagram) shared a heartwarming video after giving birth. It rapidly became popular, with over 40 million views so far. The brief video showed the overwhelming reaction of Hendrick's best friend, Claire Wood, to seeing the newborn for the first time.

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Wood, who works as a disability service provider in Australia, arrived at the hospital with a bouquet to greet Hendricks after she gave birth to her baby. Wood had already started bawling her eyes out even before stepping into the hospital room. She then carefully touches the baby and later picks it up, plants a kiss on the little one and cuddles the baby. The sight is truly emotional, as the caption reads, "When your Best Friend meets your baby for the first time." Edith Whiskers' "Home" soundtrack plays in the background of the cute video. The Instagram community soon crowded the comment section with a bunch of comments.

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@ashley.marib88 commented: "This was exactly me with my bestie's oldest. Oh my god, it was such a special day for them." @dynalvickery joked: "The way women best friends think every milestone of their friends is also a milestone of their own." @vivi.bird shared: "When I was able to see my friend's baby, I held him so tight and started crying, then he tooted and it was the cutest thing ever, so I began to bawl." Sadly, the video also received a bunch of negative comments from people who criticized Henricks' best friend for planting a kiss on the newborn.

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A post shared by Bronte Hendricks 🌻 (@brontehendricks)


@polishpencilsandpossibilities clapped back at the critics and added, "Some of you are so jaded. This is a beautiful moment. A true friend loves you and feels joy when you do. We have no clue what the backstory is. Maybe she watched her friend struggle to have a child. Maybe she lost her child. Maybe they’ve been through an incredible bonding experience together. This is a woman who loves her friend and by extension, automatically loves her child because it is a part of her. Some of you also seem to forget that not everyone reacts the same way to emotions and just because it’s different than you might act, that doesn’t mean it’s fake or stupid or silly. I feel sorry for people that have never felt this deeply."

Well, it's not just adults who can't hold back their emotional responses when they meet a baby. Even kids are eager to cuddle the newborn bundles of joy at every chance they get. In a similar story, u/Sera0Sparrow shared a video on Reddit where a young boy can be seen holding his newborn sister for the first time and the sight is beyond adorable. The caption on the video aptly reads: "His reaction when he first held his new sibling is priceless."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Sera0Sparrow
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sera0Sparrow

The beautiful bond between the little siblings is highlighted by a sweet tune playing in the background of the video, as the viewers can spot tears forming in the brother's eyes. The heartwarming little noises made by the baby add to the warmth radiating from the video. The brother looks at the baby with love and we hear the mom saying, "You can talk to her." We hear the dad saying that she cannot talk, but she can hear and understand what you are saying.

The boy then looks at her and smiles warmly and goes on to hug her tightly. He looks emotional as he hugs his newborn sister. This video will become a memory of a lifetime for this family. As for the people on the internet, they also appreciated the heartwarming clip. It received over 23K upvotes and several comments on it where many remarked that the infant is lucky to have a loving brother like that around her who will always make sure to protect her from any sort of harm in the future.

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