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Woman's response when great-grandmother asks to delete portraits has the internet in tears

The woman photographed her 101-year-old great-grandmother but she felt insecure about her looks.

Woman's response when great-grandmother asks to delete portraits has the internet in tears
Reperesentative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Rene Asmussen; X | @Lyonna Lyu

Each culture has its unique beauty, often revealed through the lives of its elders. Many older individuals reflect their years of experience and wisdom in how they carry themselves. Photographer Lyonna Lyu shared a mesmerizing photo of her Eritrean great-grandmother on X, touching the hearts of many. This elderly woman embodied a stunning blend of wisdom and tradition. Her wrinkles and other signs of age only enhanced her captivating presence.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Teono 123 No
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Teono 123 No

One of the most striking features was the great-grandmother’s tattoos, likely traditional, adorning her hands, wrists, forehead, neck, and chest. People were charmed by this lovely elder and Lyu's proud sharing of her heritage. In a thread, Lyu clarified that while the tattoos are not tribal, they are common among people in Southern Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia. @NOKIZZZZZZY said, “She's so lit, bro. I wanna get old and be this cool.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pixabay

@DemiSutra exclaimed, “Absolutely beautiful. She is art.” @Casseygold1 wrote, “Such a natural beauty.” @missoverdose remarked, “Aged like a fine wine indeed.” While people were commenting on the old lady aging beautifully, others could not help but comment on how unique and wonderful she looked. @lilmissmoneyspot exclaimed, “Oh, I can tell she got some good stories.” @TalkAmarachi said, “This is everything I needed to see today to feel affirmed in my womanhood!” 



Though people flooded the post with heartwarming words and remarks, Lyu shared another post stating that her great-grandmother wasn’t too pleased about how she looked. The old woman was insecure about her age and looks and needed a booster. “After taking these photos, my great-grandmother asked me to delete them. She said she is old and no one would want to look at her at this age,” Lyu explained.

“I reassured her that her beauty is timeless and her image was one my future kids and I never want to forget,” she exclaimed. People could not agree more with Lyu’s words. Many shared other compliments and honest, heartfelt words for the great grandmother assuring her her beauty is one of a kind. @yorbaee wrote, “Please tell her I think she is so gorgeous! And I’m not even saying that on some deep self-love type shit. No, like actual vanity, she got it. She is so beautiful. I hope I age gracefully like her.”



 Lyu revealed in a thread that her great-grandmother was 101 years old and managed to pull off a gorgeous life. She said, “She’s such a stunning woman even at 101!!! They said she was gorgeous in her younger years.”@kiwkee3 mentioned, “She is literally so pretty!! Please tell your grandma how beautiful she is and to never be ashamed of how she has aged. Old age comes for us all, and she has done it gracefully.” @VoidM16 wrote, “She is so gorgeous, please tell her that she's absolutely killing it and to keep being her.”


You can follow Lyonna Lyu (@LyonnaLyu) on X for more content on art and photography.

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