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Woman with Down syndrome overcomes all odds to pursue her passion for being a dancer

She did not let her condition prevent her from pursuing her passion for dancing and kept going despite setbacks.

Woman with Down syndrome overcomes all odds to pursue her passion for being a dancer
Cover Image Source: YouTube | CNA

Dancing is often more than just physical movement. It can be a deeply cathartic experience for many individuals. People who dance frequently will be aware of how it allows them to express emotions that may be difficult to convey otherwise. Also, it can help individuals release pent-up tension, stress and sadness. For 39-year-old June Lin, with Down syndrome, dance is the ultimate form of expression. In an interview with CNA on YouTube, she shares how dancing made her happy, excited and proud. Lin is determined to keep dancing and remarks how she would not let mistakes become setbacks and would continue putting in her best efforts.

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She passionately says, "I just want to continue dancing for a long time." Her family has played a pivotal role in Lin's pursuit of dance, encouraging her every chance they get. They are also there to provide her support whenever she performs at events. Lin began dancing at her school when she was 12 years old. She is a fan of contemporary dance forms as well as the famed Indian dance, Bharatanatyam. During her interview, she showcased a few dance positions from Bharatanatyam and shared the meaning behind them.

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Being very dedicated to her passion, she practices regularly at home so she is prepared and always gives her best effort. Currently, Lin is pursuing her dream of dancing at Apsara Asia under the tutelage of Kavitha Krishnan, the co-founder of the organization. Apsara Asia describes itself as a social enterprise focused on providing valuable life skills to individuals with diverse abilities. She has played a major role in Lin's dance journey by inspiring her to take Indian classical dance forms. Lin talks about how she has known Krishnan for over 25 years and paid close attention to her dance instructions so that she could perform on her own.


In addition to imparting dance lessons, Krishnan also gives out housekeeping roles to the people in the organization to instill some responsibility in them. The organization also puts up workshops where the students can learn ad-hoc skills. These skills go a long way in helping them navigate the challenges of the world. Lin loves working with Apsara Asia and has made many friends at the establishment. She has progressed quite a bit, having performed in a film series last year featuring dancers with disabilities or special needs.


During the event, Lin and other dancers performed for a live audience. Doing so is a bit of a challenge for Lin, who shared that the camera and lighting often stressed her out. But other than that, she is a confident performer onstage, as she tackles mistakes easily and moves on with her performance. The result of getting a big round of applause from the audience made all of her efforts worthwhile. Since she has found so much comfort and love in dancing, Lin also likes sharing the art form with others by teaching them movement and dancing. With her efforts and dedication, Lin is an inspiration to many.

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